Monday, March 7, 2011

Tax Day Is Coming

It was a dark day in the Drake household. Preparing to complete my taxes is a two-part plan and today I started my journey down the perilous twists and turns of the first leg. I opened a certain cabinet that is reserved for all my notes and receipts throughout the year. It was a mess. There was no attempt at organization this year. I emptied the last of the postal receipts out of my purse and even printed off a handful of receipts saved on my computer.

With everything “compiled”, I went through the tedious task of breaking everything down into categories and then making the calculations for each category. Are you excited yet? I know by this point, I was ready to beat my head against the wall because despite my care to keep all my receipts some were missing!

In the meantime, tomorrow I must call to complete the second portion of this illustrious journey where I will to see the wizard (aka my tax accountant). At that time, the wizard will shake her head at me and tell me that I have been a bad girl and have not acquired enough deductions. At her office, there will be more instances of me hitting my head against her desk as I wrack my brain to think of more instances in which we can deduct more stuff to bring down my payment to the government.

By the end, she will pat me on the shoulder and tell me to do a better job next year about deductions while I write my checks to the government.

This is my fourth year of visiting the wizard. I keep expecting this to get easier, but I get taxes aren’t supposed to be easy.

But I don’t want to finish this post on a sour note. Taxes are a gray part of everyone’s life and result in much *headdesking* during the process. So my final goal is to leave you with a little bit of something that brings a grin to your face or a reluctant shake to your head. If you haven’t seen them before, I am absolutely addicted to the series called Simon’s Cat. Here is a favorite for you to enjoy!

Have a good night!


Sharon S. said...

OMG, I can't stop watching Simon!!! . Those are soooo cute.

Taxes suck. Lucky for us we can use Turbotax and be done in about 30 minutes.

Brenda Hyde said...

I swear Simon's kitty is a combination of all three of our cats. I never know what they are going to do next. Oh, and yeah tax time sucks--

Becky LeJeune said...

Oh, I love Simon's Cat! I'm late to this post, but tax stuff = grrr! Simons Cat = : )