Tuesday, September 20, 2011

london calling

i was very lucky in that i got to spend
my birthday at the end of august in my
favorite city, london! i traveled quite a lot
before i had the bubs, and have visited over
a dozen countries, but london always holds
a special place in my heart because i fell in
for the first time there. then i married him. 8)
and here we are... sixteen years later.

since the hub's family is in england, we visit
annually. i've stopped taking as many fotos
of the sights and my favorite places to visit, shop
and eat. but i thought i'd share some fotos of
a previous winter trip there. enjoy!

*if you've read my novels, you'll guess
pretty easily that i love food! and i love me
a good english breakfast. (except the bacon.
i just don't like bacon--and english bacon is
scarier than american!) grilled tomatoes,
fried mushrooms, eggs, beans, sausages,
bacon and hash browns (english version).

*we were lucky enough to stay in my best
friend's flat in the primrose area. such a
beautiful neighborhood.

*a market on the tiny high street
selling cheeses, etc.

*open air markets are an absolute
favorite of mine and i try to visit them
in every country i go to! this one was
selling breads and pastries. yum!

*a cold morning and long lines after
christmas outside the london natural history

*we always do a proper afternoon
english tea as well. finger sandwiches,
cakes, and scones with jam and clotted
cream. (that's the small cup you see filled
with what looks like butter. i love the stuff.)

i hope you enjoyed these london fotos i've shared!

finally, congratulations to kate (kayko) for winning
a signed paperback of Silver Phoenix. thanks to all
those who entered the giveaway last month.

until next time, undies! =D


Kim Falconer said...

Cindy! Happy August Birthday!

What lovely pics and such a romantic story. Now I want to read your novels to experience the food!


cindy said...

thanks kim! i get teased a lot about the food in my books. but it came naturally for me, and i think it's a part of good fantasy world building.

and yes, london is so lovely!!

Amy V said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Lucky you to spend your birthday in such a splendid city. Thanks for sharing the pictures - loved 'em!

Jocelynn Drake said...

Happy belated birthday!
And you're evil. A chance has come up to go to London after Christmas and I've decided to pass it up for a number of reasons. Now your pictures have made me want to re-think my decision. It looks so wonderful!

Cate said...

Happy belated birthday! I would love to see London. Thanks for sharing the pics. The food looks yummy!
Yahooo! I won Silve Phoenix!!! Thanks!

Sharon Stogner said...

I got to go to London 20 years ago! You pics make me miss it. so much history and beauty :) Happy belated B-day.

Sharon Stogner said...

just had to add...now I have The Clash song "London Calling" in my head and it won't go away!

cindy said...

huh. i had commented before and it disappeared. thanks so much everyone!
jocelynn, man, that is a real bummer! but another time?

cate, i will email you!

alainala said...

hey what about canadian bacon?? yum! lol

cindy said...

alaina, no. sorry! ha