Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh the Memories...

It's nearly mid September and by now all the kiddies are back in school. Let's be honest moms and dads.....feels pretty damn good doesn't it? To have some routine and maybe a clean house for longer than twenty minutes? If you are like me it's a 'hell yes' moment that's bittersweet. My oldest is in Highschool and the youngest grade 7, so they're not little babies anymore. They're growing older and having a lot of firsts in the next few me to thinking about my firsts!

So, I thought it would be fun to share a bunch of firsts and I'm hoping you all will too....great way for me to get to know our readers!

1. FIRST KISS....mine was in grade six and when I kissed George Dailey out behind the bleachers at the arena. It was wet and sloppy and I broke up with him the next day.

2.FIRST CRUSH/REAL PERSON...mine was a boy, Dave, who I crushed huge on for years. Years people...he was my obsession. When we finally dated however I was into dudes with long hair so it didn't pan out, but man, how intense were those feelings?

3.FIRST CRUSH/CELEBRITY....I had a few and this will show my age...but David Cassidy....I mean hello! And Leif Garrett.....

On a side note, Leif played boyfriend to Kristy McNicol on the television show Family and I had a big girl crush on her!

4.FIRST SLOW DANCE WITH A BOY....was at a family function. I remember wearing a white dress and one of my older brother's friends asked me to dance...he was cute...I was excited...but as we danced all I could think was...he smelled like cows and barns....oy

5.FIRST DATE....I was 14 and my parents allowed me to go on a car date...14 people....that won't be happening with mini me. Nope.

6.FIRST FAVE BAND....Styx...I loved everything about them...their music, they're concepts...the songs...and I especially loved Tommy Shaw. Boat on the River is still one of my all time favorite songs.

7.FIRST LIVE CONCERT....I have a great one...Prince and the Revolution on the Purple Rain tour. I saw them in Toronto 2 nights in a row and to this day it is probably the best concert I've ever seen. Prince rocks in so many ways.

8.FIRST ROMANCE READ....This Calder Sky by Janet Dailey. Loved all those books.

9.FIRST CELEBRITY FREAK, standing beside Jon Bon Jovi in a toronto club while Skid Row was performing and well, freaking out when I realized he and Ritchie were there....right beside me....I screamed, and jumped around and started a near riot....LOL

10.FIRST BOOK SALE....I sold His Darkest Hunger 3 years ago on September 11.

So, Please share all your firsts with me!!!!!! I'd love to get to know you all better!


Sable Grace said...

First kiss - 5th grade, to my first real person crush, Chris Taylor. It was wet and icky too and that relationship didn't last long!

First celeb crush - Jon Bon Jovi, which was also my first concert at age 10 in Biloxi. Same answer to first fave band as well! See a pattern there?

Don't remember my first dance, but my first date, I was 16 and nervous and went to see Indian Summer -- missed half of it cuz the guy had his tongue crammed down my throat for the majority! Ick, but that relationship lasted several months.

First romance read - The Princess but Jude Deveraux.

First book sale - 2005, I sold The Devil's Possession to Berkley which came out in Aug 2007.

I suddenly feel very old. But fun post Jules!


Sharon said...

LOL! Those were great...

1. Kiss- I was 10 and he was 13! Don't even know why. It was just the one.

2.Concert - Def Leppard (Pyromania tour)

3. celebrity crush - Donnie Osmond! I was 6 . Next was Shaun Cassidy.

4. First date- 15, he had long hair ;) went to see The Outsiders

5. First Fav band - Kiss!

6. first romance - Interview with a Vampire (does that count?)

7.first book - well, my first blog post was over at

(now I feel old too )

Terri Garey said...

What a fun post, Jules! Here's mine (if I can remember them all):

FIRST KISS: 7th grade, Billy Shaw who was my best friend's neighbor. They lived on a lake, and one night while spending the night with my friend, he took me out in a little boat, stopped in the middle of the lake, leaned over and kissed me. SO romantic! (We still keep in touch, so it must've been a good kiss, huh?) :)

FIRST CRUSH/REAL PERSON: I had an unrequited crush on a boy from the 3rd grade, all the way through high school. He knew it, and never gave me the time of day. :(

FIRST CRUSH/CELEBRITY: Too many to count, or to remember who came first!

FIRST SLOW DANCE: I'm sure I was an adult, as I never went to dances as a kid. I was too nerdy.

FIRST DATE: I never had an "official" first date - my first real boyfriend was someone I went to church with, so we were always doing things in a group.

FIRST FAVE BAND: Again, too many to count or to remember who came first.

FIRST LIVE CONCERT: Rod Stewart, back when he was singing "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy.." YEAH, I DID and I still do! I've seen him 6 times!

FIRST CELEBRITY FREAK OUT: That would have to be a local celebrity - the hot Aussie captain of a regional soccer team once helped me put gas in my car when I was having trouble at the pump. I was married, or I would've jumped him. :)

FIRST BOOK SALE: I sold DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY on October 12, 2005, but it didn't come out until 2 YEARS later!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

juliana Stone said...

Oh these are awesome! Heather, you know you and I were seperated at birth right? oh and by a few years I'm sure, LOL

Sharon, Def Leppard is one of my fave mom wouldn't let me see PYromania which totally sucked.

and Teri...weeeeeeee! memories are fun, no?

Raonaid Luckwell said...

First Celebrity Crush: Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. I thought that man was HOT! I had my room wallpapered in Skid Row posters, and I had a huge one of Sebastian on my ceiling above my bed so when I woke he was the first one I seen. I was psyched to see him in May (this year) at Rock on the Range. He sang with one of the bands. Always wanted to see him as a teen, so a teenage dream came true.
My high-school best friend, her half brother, could easily pass as Sebastian look a like and he was my first real crush
First Slow Dance: Junior Year of High School, Homecoming Dance. Friend wanted me to go with her. My mom said I could but the stipulation was, I had to find a date. That summer the friend introduced me to this one guy named John, we have been talking on the phone. So I asked him. LOL. We danced to a Bon Jovi song.
First Favorite Band: Poison or Skid Row.
First Concert: I like to discount the half ass ones my friend dragged me to since one was some country thing (it was our high school. I was forced to go) and the other was Marky Mark. I like to say my first concert was Rock on the Range – with Breaking Benjamin, Chavelle, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Black Stone Cherry, Evanesence, Velvet Revolver, Three Days Grace

First Romance – Dragon and the Jewel – Virginia Henley

Bonnie said...

Hi Everyone,

You all have such great memories.
My first kiss was a kid I picked up at Indianna Beach and kissed him on the riding spook house ride then never saw him again.
My first crush I really don't remember.
My first celeb crush was on John Travolta and Paul Michael Glaser from Starsky & Hutch.
My first concert was Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods
First romance was, hmmm I think it was a Danielle Steele book.
First book Sale.. not yet but hopefully soon.
I really enjoy all of your posts.
Have a great weekend!

Nicole Murphy said...

Fantastic post Juliana!

Here's mine:

1. FIRST KISS....year six with my first 'boyfriend'. We went together for several months.

2.FIRST CRUSH/REAL PERSON... his name was Michael, it was year four and I was one of just several girls in love with him. When he was sent to an all boys school the following year, there was a great deal of wailing...

3.FIRST CRUSH/CELEBRITY.... was a cartoon character. Mark from Battle of the Planets. Oh, how I loved him.

4.FIRST SLOW DANCE WITH A BOY.... I never really had one *pouts* dancing with boys wasn't really something that happened in Australia

5.FIRST DATE.... I promised my mum no boys while at school, so it wasn't until I was in my 20s. Unsurprisingly, because of the lack of boy action in my teens, I didn't do so well at the dating thing until I met my husband.

6.FIRST FAVE BAND.... Abba. My friends and I, seven years old, would spend recess and lunch at school marching around, singing Abba songs. When Mum and Dad wouldn't let me see Abba the Movie, I was crushed.

7.FIRST LIVE CONCERT.... Inxs. I was right at the front at the stadium in Canberra, directly in front of the exceptionally cute Tim Farriss. Wonderful.

8.FIRST ROMANCE READ.... The appendix from LOTR which tells the story of Aragorn and Arwen. I was 11 when I read it and I still remember how warm and happy I felt reading it.

9.FIRST CELEBRITY FREAK OUT.... That would be the time I stalked my favourite footballer. His team had just played in Sydney (I went to the game with a friend) and were returning to Melbourne. We drove to Sydney Airport and went around the terminal until we found them. I wasn't game to go up to him so I just sat and drooled.

10.FIRST BOOK SALE....I sold The Dream of Asarlai trilogy two years ago on July 15.

Cylver said...

Wow, those pictures bring back some serious memories! Singing I Think I Love You along with David Cassidy in The Partridge Family - gotta love it!

First slow dance: Our school dances were all heavy on the rock, so I never slow-danced until I went to a dance at my best friend's school, where I slow-danced with a guy named Clifford.

First date: going to a movie when I was 16.

First fave band: Had to be The Beatles! My brother loved everything about them, so of course they became my favorite band too!

First romance read: My mom lent me one of her Victoria Holt books once when I was out of fresh reading material. Can't remember the title. Still, it must have made an impression, even though the hero didn't have fangs!

Amanda Arista said...

How Fun! Here's my stroll down memory lane.

FIRST KISS: True or dare game in Seventh grade.

FIRST CRUSH/REAL PERSON: Paul Rudd- Sixth grade- the beginning of my tall and gangly obsession

FIRST CRUSH/CELEBRITY: Doogie Houser- I love 'em smart! the next was Wesley Crusher.

FIRST SLOW DANCE: Waterfalls- TLC in Seventh grade. It was horrible.

FIRST DATE: Grumiper old men- his mother drove us.

FIRST FAVE BAND: Melissa Etheridge.

FIRST LIVE CONCERT: Tim Magraw right after Indian outlaw came out.

FIRST BOOK SALE: Diaries of an Urban Panther and BOok 2 sold March 23, 2011.

SdyLion said...

I was in love with Rick Springfield as my 1st concert and then I got into the rock bands: Motley Crue and Triumph. Ist kiss was a guy name Nick in some unknown grade and I have no idea when I went on that 1st date- that is all a blurr.

unseelieme said...

1st KISS: If you're getting technical ... Alan, my next door neighbor. I tackled him on the front lawn and kissed him quite thoroughly while he screamed. We were five. ;)

1st CRUSH(REAL PERSON): Alan - I loved him from 5-15, and he was my first real kiss. I was persistent.

1st CRUSH(CELEBRITY): Donny Osmond. I had posters of him all over my walls.

1st SLOW DANCE: Oh God. At a band exchange event. He was dressed in an all white leisure suit unbuttoned to his navel (think skinny, long haired, teenage greasy John Travolta wanna-be with raging hormones and acne) and he was all sweaty. Blech.

1st DATE: Joel, at the ripe old age of 19 (Mom & Dad are devout Catholics. No dates for me until I was out of the house.)

1st FAVE BAND: Queen

1st LIVE CONCERT: Okay, at this point I think anyone reading this is laughing. But here it is. Gloria Gaynor and the Village People. It was a double header and yes, I did survive. heh

ROMANCE READ: I can't remember. My mother had boxes of Harlequin Romances. I sneaked them.

CELEBRITY FREAKOUT: That was just recently. Jared Padelecki and Misha Collins. I paid to pose for a picture with them. Had all kinds of intelligent things to say to them, but when I stepped between them I couldn't even speak. *bangs head on laptop* Humiliating.

unseelieme said...

Oh - and I have to throw in here, that first dance? It was to Stairway to Heaven. Everytime I hear that song I shudder because it was a really really long dance.

Juliana Stone said...

OMG I love all of these! Thanks for sharing everyone...

Barbara said...

Ok, this is totally scary..I think we were at the same concerts and the same age..our firsts are pretty darn close is our geography LOL..

1. First Kiss:..grade 8..playing spin the bottle during a party..was 13 and their wasn't supposed to be boys. Thanks to the foreign exchange was a good one:)

2. & 4 First Crush/Real Person.and first dance...ohh..Roger! .Stairway to Heaven lasted forever and was HEAVEN!..gosh I thought he was cute..until my girlfriend pointed out that he had hips..(don't turned me right off)

3. First crush/celebrity: both yours and Robbie Benson, and Bobby Sherman (was a short lived show called Here Comes the Bride he starred in)

5. First Date: I was mother let me go to my first boy/girl party..thought it was save cause it was a girl guide/boy scout party..came home with my first boyfriend..she wasn't happy LOL

6. Fav Band: ..same as your's love me my Styx

7. First Live Concert: Bay City Rollers..yah..old I know..I was at the Purple Rain concert..both night Maple Leaf Gardens was awesome!

8. First Romance Read: Unsure of exact one..but a Harlequin Romance for sure..I used to steal my Grandma's after she had read them:)

9. First Celebrity Freak Out: Met Huey Lewis in the Toronto Airport..he as so nice stood and talked to us for about 15 min. btw I think I was at that club with Skid Row..I heard the rumours that Jon and Richie were there but I told my girlfriend she was imagining things..LOL

..small world

Amy Plum said...

I think I'm related to half of the commenters. And Juliana - we you also born in a year that rhymes with nixty-heaven? Because...

1. First kiss- at 14. On a boat. (Which from Terri's post makes me think that must be a teenage-guy scheme to get us away from anyone who could see.) Guy I met that day in a campground. Who knows where my parents were, but one of his friends got my sister to turn around (also in the boat) so she wouldn't see.

2. First Concert - Rick Springfield (SdyLion - fist-bump!) where I screamed myself hoarse, OR the GoGos - I can't remember which came first.

3. First celebrity crush - Leif Garrett. Except I had the poster of him in the tight blue pants with the bulge.

4. First date- 15. Joe Johnston, who was 16 and had a car, and tried to feel me up while driving me back home from a football game.

5. First Favorite band - The Bee Gees.

6. First romance novel - I read all of the Barbara Cartlands that our Birmingham, Alabama library had (about 50) the summer I was 13.

7.First Book Published: Die For Me, which I sold the day before Thanksgiving, 2009. (And which came out May 2011.)

Emberchyld said...

Oh, these are FUN (and I must say, though I saw the Partridge Family in reruns, I did love David Cassidy)

1.First kiss: I was a late bloomer-- my first kiss was in senior year of high school. He was this sweet boy from Tennessee with an accent and manners that could make any girl melt and my exotic "midatlantic" look and habits apparently "intrigued" him. We met at a week-long conference and had a whirlwind long-distance romance full of incredibly long letters and the occasional phone call (when our parents allowed it.) And then, six months later we saw each other again... and the spark had just fizzled away. The romance in the letters was just so much better than real life :-) *le sigh*

2.First crush (real): Fourth grade... this boy named Brian who teased me mercilessly. I think I was over him by fifth grade, though.

3.First crush (celebrity): Joey McIntyre from the New Kids on the Block. I even had his action figure. And watched the cartoon. [And I know that this is going to be used against me some day.]

4.First slow dance with a boy: With Mr. Tennessee, who tried to dip me and nearly dropped me.

5.First Date: In college, with this cute Israeli boy who promised to take me to a place with the best hummus and falafel in New Jersey. He was right, the relationship wasn't.

6.First Fave Band: Oh, wow. The Bangles-- I think my love of them even predated NKOTB/BSB

7.First Live Concert: Evanescence at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. They were amazing.

8.First Celebrity Freak Out: Totally revealing my geekiness here-- it was at a Star Trek convention. I was actually incredibly cool and, when I went up to ask a question, started AWESOME banter with the actor who played Trip Tucker (the engineer) on Enterprise. The whole rest of the day, people at the convention kept pointing me out and saying, "Oh, she's the engineer!" And then when I did get a moment to talk with this actor, and he asked me exactly what kind of engineering I did, I was a bit star-struck and blurted out, "I hang out with dead people!" He backed away very, VERY slowly.

9.First Book sale: Someday, someday...