Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Cometh

Congratulations to Jennifer Mathis!! You won a $25 Amazon gift certificate, plus a copy of FEAST. Yay and have a Happy Halloween!!

When I was a kid, Halloween was always my favorite holiday. Autumn came with brisk winds and falling leaves and carved pumpkins that lined everyone’s porches. Days grew shorter and shorter, as if soon it would be one continuous night. My neighborhood was filled with old, Victorian homes, tall houses with wrap-around porches and too many windows. It always seemed like some creepy person was watching me from behind the curtains, so that made trick-or-treating seem all the more dangerous.

For years, all of these elements stayed with me, through my teenage years and adulthood. Whenever Halloween approaches, my skin shivers and I expect something—insert sound of creaky old door opening here—unexpected, but slightly magical, to happen.

That was why I wrote FEAST: HARVEST OF DREAMS, and why I set it in a quiet mountain village, during Halloween. I wanted to share those emotions and expectations I had as a child. My main character, Ash—who is more than a little bit magical and possibly quite dangerous—even lives in a creepy, old Victorian house.

So, to celebrate the approach of one of my favorite holidays, I’m having a giveaway.

I’m going to give away a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of FEAST to one individual, hoping to make his or her Halloween really special this year.

Here are the rules and the points you can earn toward the prizes:

1. Comment below. Tell me what your favorite Halloween candy is. (Yum!) Also, include your e-mail address in your comment (so I can contact the winner.) Doing this will earn you five points and enter you in the contest.

2. To earn another five points, post a link and a comment about this giveaway on Twitter.

3. To earn yet another five points, post a link and a comment about this giveaway on Facebook.

4. And if you want to earn another five points, post a link and a comment about this giveaway on your blog.

The winner will be chosen and announced here on this blog next Thursday, October 20. (Yay!) That should give me time to get the winner his/her prizes in time for Halloween.

And thanks for entering!!


Unknown said...

Fav Halloween candy has got to be popcorn balls!! yummmo:)



Unknown said...

and yeah forgot the email *facepalm*

Sullivan McPig said...

Halloween isn't celebrated much over here. We do have a small Halloween party every year with friends though and one thing that should be present at such a party is pumpkin pie!


SandyG265 said...

My favorite Halloween candy is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

sgiden at

Supru said...

Here we usually don't celebrate Halloween but I love to make cookies and bring them to my friends. One of them like to make pumpkin pie and another one makes a cake.
I made them to choose a costume too hahahaha they hate me this time of year (lol)!/MerrieDestefano/status/124534180301385729

alainala said...

ohh man thats a hard one! i love the chocolates (any pretty much) hate toffees (ripped out a cap on my tooth).. DOTS are an ultimate fav.. mike and ikes, fruit snacks and oooo yea those flavored tootsie rolls!! YUMM

alainala AT hotmail . ca

Na said...

My favourite Halloween treat is Kit Kat, followed closely by Smarties. Yum!

I tweeted:!/FieryNa/status/124584043504345088

Cambonified [at] yahoo [dot] com

Arkatox said...

Tagged you in my Facebook and Twitter posts. ^.^

My favorite Halloween candy-- if limited to only Halloween candies and not my favorite candy altogether-- would be candy corn. I've always loved them, ever since I was a kid. Well, technically I still am a kid, but I'm not really as young anymore. ^.^

Reuben Horst

lostnthestacks said...

I love the Reece's pumpkins!

Helen Lowe said...

Great post, Merrie. We don't celebrate Halloween the same down here, possibly because everything's opposite, so of course it's spring not fall and long, lingering, light evenings aren't quite as spooky as drawing-in-close, dark ones(!) but I still love the idea of it--and great Halloween tales as well. (My favorite is Tam Lin.)

Don't put me in the competition (because of course I'm a fellow Supe!) but if we did have an autumn Halloween here, I think the food I'd pick would be delicious dark mudcake, great for eating by the fire with mulled wine. :)

Anonymous said...

M&Ms all the way. :D

Vivien said...


deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

OOh that would be the Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin shapes!! I love the shapes Reese's puts out on the holidays! They are LOADED with peanut butter! I like to peel the chocolate off so it's more peanut butter than chocolate. I still eat the chocolate, but I like having more peanut butter flavor when eating them!!

I also enjoy Brach's pumpkins! Just the pumpkins, the candy corn just doesn't feel the same! Weird I know since they are the same except for shape and colors!!


Karen said...

I have to say that Halloween has always been my favorite holiday - even above Christmas! My mother made our costumes from scratch every year. I carried on the tradition and made every last one of my son's costumes.

My favorite candy? Now, I would have to say the little bite size Snickers. When I was a kid, it was Smarties and Hershey's bars....and hot balls...oh, and Wax fangs and lips(anyone remember those?!?)


Llehn said...

I'm a Butterfinger girl.


Tez Miller said...

Well, we don't do Halloween at Oz, though we always buy some fun-size chocolates just in case T-or-Ters come by. Freddo Frogs. Whatever's leftover after Halloween, we eat them! :-)

TezMillerOz at gmail dot com

P.S. That's only 5 points for me - I do not pimp ;-)

Sharon Stogner said...

my favorite candy...100Grand fun size bars. my favorite chewy candy is Bit-O-Honey's! love those. Usually have some in my purse at all times.

shared on FB!

Bonnie said...

Hi Merrie,

my favorite candies are BabyRuth and Take 5. I used to sort through my kids candy and take all their BabyRuths and tell them it was payment for dragging me out with them door to door.

This is an awesome contest. Please enter me.

Thank you

Bonnie Gill

Supernatural Underground: Halloween Cometh


Anonymous said...

mini milkyway bars :)

Chelsea B. said...

My favorite Halloween candy is this yummy chocolate/peanut butter mix that I have NO IDEA what it's called! Truly, I have been eating this candy sinse I was little, and I can't name it. How sad, haha :-)
BUT I willsay candy corn is my second favorite, and I CAN name that! :-)


Jennifer Mathis said...

i love the bite size milky way bars cause they seem less calories til you realise you ate half a bag of them lol

Jennifer Mathis said...

twitter link!/meandicorner/status/126474888742572032

facebook link