Saturday, March 16, 2013

16 Things About a Kiss - Giveaway!

Kiss Me So
Hi Everyone! With Vampires Gone Wild about to come out in paperback (March 26th) I'm giving away copies!

*I've LOVED all your comments! Drawn from the hat winners are:

Impish Scribe
Oliver Marcro

Please email me (enchantmentATkimfalconerDOTcom) your postal address and a copy of Vampires Gone Wild will be one its way March 26th - the release date!

Thank you! *

If you are brave enough to tell your best, wildest, scariest, loveliest or sexiest kiss in the comments, your name goes in the hat!

Can't wait to see what you've all gotten up to! Don't be shy!

Meanwhile, here some interesting facts about 'the kiss.'

(Note: because my contribution to Vampires Gone Wild. Blood and Water, begins and ends beneath the sea, all images are underwater, in keeping with the mood.)

1. The word origins of 'kiss' stem from the proto-Germanic kuss, possibly an onomatopoeia for the act of kissing.

2. The lips are the most sensitive part of the body, feeling 100 times better than the fingertips.

Underwater Kiss from The Well
3. The longest kiss ever recorded is 31 hours, 30 minutes, 30 second. (Really!)

4. The study of kissing is called philematology.

5.  To French kiss, you use 34 facial muscles. A pucker kiss involves two.

6.  Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute.

7. It is possible for a woman to reach an orgasm through kissing. (Really?)

8. The Kama Sutra lists over 30 types of kisses.

9. Scholars are unsure if kissing is a learned or instinctual behavior. In some cultures in Africa and Asia, kissing does not seem to be practiced. (My opinion is that with men, it's definitely learned, and women have to teach them!)

25 Atemberaubende Unterwasserbilder

10. Kissing at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony can be traced to ancient Roman tradition where a kiss was used to sign contract.

11. Under the Hays Code (between 1930-1968), Hollywood had its limits. People kissing on the silver screen could not be horizontal; at least one had to be sitting or standing, not lying down. In addition, all on-screen married couples slept in twin beds...and if kissing on one of the beds occurred, at least one of the spouses had to have a foot on the floor. (my how times have changed!)

12. The kiss between Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant in the 1946 film Notorious is one of the sexiest kisses in cinematic history. Because the Hays Code allowed on-screen kisses to last only a few seconds, Alfred Hitchcock directed Bergman and Grant to repeatedly kiss briefly while Grant was answering a telephone call. The kiss seems to go on and on but was never longer than a few seconds.

13. More than 95% of men and women occasionally like to rub noses while kissing. (The correct phrase for this would be 'Inuit kiss.')

Underwater Bridal Photography
14. The film with the most kisses is Don Juan (1926) in which John Barrymore and Mary Astor share 127 kisses. The film with the longest kiss is Andy Warhol’s 1963 film Kiss. The 1961 film Splendor in the Grass, with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, made history for containing Hollywood’s first French kiss.

15. The Four Vedic Sanskrit texts (1500 B.C.) contain the first mention of a kiss in writing.

16. The term “French kiss” is a 1920's reflection of the French culture which was thought to be quite sexy. In France, it’s called soul kiss because if done right, it feels as if two souls are merging. In fact, several ancient cultures thought that mouth-to-mouth kissing mingled two lovers’ souls. (That's my favorite!)

Kim Falconer is a Supernatural Underground author writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA and epic science fantasy novels.

You can find out more about Kim at or on The 11th House Blog. She posts here at the SuperntrlUnderg on the 16th of every month. Her latest release is Supernatural Underground: Vampires Gone Wild.


Jacqui said...
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Jacqui said...

I'll go first and tell of my first kiss that was in the shed at school that had the sports equipment in it. I remember the kiss being sloppy.

SandyG265 said...

When my current boyfriend kissed me the first time I thought my knees would give way. That's the first time that ever happened.

Patricia Lynne said...

The first time I met my husband, I surprised him with a kiss. He was leaving to go back to his parents' hotel room and I caught him by the door and kissed him. His eyes went wide. It was so cute.

Stefanie said...

When I met my husband, I thought of him as my best friend, someone I could trust for 100%. For him it was love at first sight.
But after a while my feelings for him started to grow. One day I was lying with my head in his lap and we were watching television when we looked at each other and the air started sizzling. Right before our first kiss he said that if I didn´t want this to go any further I had to tell him that moment and he would stop right away, but if I didn´t say anything he wouldn´t be able to stop. Not a word crossed my lips.
I still think of it as such a sweet moment and it just shows how he both loves me and respects me.

Unknown said...

Well I would have to say that my sexiest kisses are from my husband! God they can still drop me to my knee's I didn't have to teach him or anything and I do believe that a kiss could bring a woman to orgasm cause my husband has done it many time's and I love it! Best Kisser of my life! One more think I really never post this kind of stuff but thought it would be fun!

Kim Falconer said...

Wow, I am loving these! Fabulous!!!!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh loving all the pics and the list!

Unknown said...

Am lucky, have had lots, and there are lots more to come! Best one so far was August 23rd 2012, it was on Dean Street, Soho, London. Warm night, he looked at me, leaned in with a glint in his eyes and a bashful expression, we started kissing and it felt natural, delicious, organic, tender yet very VERY passionate and intoxicating. Felt all my resistance melting away, just closed my eyes oblivious to everything around us, nearly dropped my bag. Part of me thought: "I'm in trouble", and "I want more, more! Don't stop!" He and the kissing felt *so* good, like we both knew *exactly* what to do; on perfect kissing wavelength - we ended kissing for HOURS that night.

Anonymous said...

I think for me the sweetest kiss I ever had was a really healing one.. The first after a year of really deep heartwork during a really intense Neptune/Natal Sun opposition. It was shared with a beautiful human being whom at first I was really scared of becoming involved with, cuddled up on my bed after weeks of nerding out on astrological stuff and discussing our innermost everythings..

After feeling so very lonely for so long, I felt as though all my hard inner-work had been rewarded.. Slow, peaceful, delicate and sensual. Nothing short of perfect.

Kim Falconer said...

You guys! These are such sensual and glorious kissing stories! Really beautiful!


donnas said...

Interesting facts. I think my best was while dancing and it just kind of happened.

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Bonnie said...

Great post, I love all the kiss facts you posted.

My scariest kiss was also my first. I was in JR High and we were at an amusement park. They had a spook house ride. It was one of those where you ride around in the dark and every once in a while something would pop out at you. Well, being the dingbat that I am, I took a flash light with me because I wanted to see what was behind the scenes. The guy who went on the ride with me was hot. Well, he tried to kiss me and we ended up missing the lips and he got my nose. My flashlight went flying. It was a total crash and burn kiss, the kind you never want to recreate.
My best kisses are from my boyfriend. He grabs the back of my head to pull me closer. He makes me feel that he can't get enough. They are very pasionate, almost as if he wants to devour my face and soul.

Thanks Kim.