Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Writer's Worst Fear

In continuing with our new members theme's of what scares them, I'm going to jump on board and for my Year Of Living Authentically talk about something that scares the hell out of me: writer's block.

And we are not talking stuck in a plot hole or writing yourself into a corner with world canon.

 I'm talking about actually having nothing to say about anything.
Sam Jinks is awesome and creepy and awesome

Which I have been currently wading in knee deep for the past moth.

These are probably the first decent words that I've written in weeks. Everything else has been fluff with no real purpose. Wanderings, but not journeys.

Since I'm not on contract for anything (probably not helping the matter), I didn't realize I hadn't been writing. I only noticed when my hubby was like, "What have you been working on at night?" and the only answer I had for him was "Reorganizing my Pinterest boards and online shopping." But hey, my boards look gooooooood and I am totally ready for winter.

So I tried the normal stuff to get out of writer's block. I went to watch a movie, only to discover that everything I like to watch is totally not kid-friendly.

I tried just being outside to detox from my fluorescent-lit lifestyle, but allergies are terrible right now and I sort of like breathing through my nose and not itching all over.

And so I thought, Reading! I'll read more, only to find that nothing in my library even looked good and I have about 0 hours in the day to read and have recently discovered that audio books put me to sleep. So the normal routes to tempt my muse weren't/aren't an option right now.

So then I was like, Why don't I have anything to say? There is so much crap happening in the world right now. Why don't I have anything to say about it? (Yes, writers talk to themselves this much).

I had to go back and read a few of these posts to get the answer. Writers are hermits, but they need input so they can output. Writers are introverted souls, but they have to say YES sometimes. Writers have to experience things and I was just sitting at home, hiding from the heat and pollen.

So I'm saying YES again. I'm doing a book club tomorrow. I'm hosting parties for good causes. I'm volunteering to help my local chapter of NaNoWriMo with free lectures.

I am starting to Journey again and hopefully in the chaos of teaching and speaking engagement and the Ordeals that are the holidays, I will find something, I will see something. I will feel something that I have something to say about and have the courage to say it.

Wish me luck!

Amanda Arista


Helen Lowe said...

Not only Luck, Amanda, but the very best of British! May the muses be with you. :)

Rosemary said...

I've just discovered your books and truly hope you are back to writing now. I love your stories and would love to read many, many more.