Tuesday, October 3, 2017

EDC- Every Day Carry: Writerly Addition

Every Day Carry- The Writers addition

The Things I Carry.

So I went to New Orleans recently and visited The National WWII Museum. You have to go. I have never been to a museum that was so geared toward storytelling and it gave me goosebumps. Go visit. You'll thank me later.

As standard museums do, there was a lot of mention of daily carry: usual mess kits, guns, ammunition, cribbage sets, and papers for letters to sweethearts (seriously- those guys knew how to say I love it and it was swoon-worthy).

My Hubby joked that my writer tote probably weight as much as their ruck sacks. So we weight it. And it wasn't quite there, but it was enough to get me thinking- If I mentally carry books and ideas and friends, what do I physically carry with me.

So here is my Every Day Carry as a Writer:

1). Computer- I schlep my Macbook with me everywhere. I might actually die without it, so I'm never going to take that risk. Not pictured here as I am currently writing on it.

2). Notebooks- Even though I take the computer everywhere like a second child
, there are always things that need to be drawn or diagramed. I am very aware that I process different information in different ways through different mediums. Today, its only one notebook. Sometimes, if I'm really getting into it, its three. And a plotting book. And poster board.

3). Post-its- I got this little case from a conference and have never left home without it. Funny thing, the post-its go on my computer and my notebook. And my everyday post-it carry varies from the regular to the 4x3 size in bright pink.

4). Pens- At any given time, I have enough pens to sink a ship. And in varying thickness and styles. You never know when you might need to draw a rainbow or what kind of surface you will need to draw it on.

5). Small first aid kit- I'm super klutzy and always prone to allergy attacks, bug bites and blisters. This is why I don't go outside often.

6). Current book- Right now I'm on a Dresden kick. Next, I'm rereading some Alice Hoffman. I can do e-books, but I still like a paperback to carry around with me.

7). Boring stuff- wallet, keys, TONS of hair ties, my work badge (Doctor Who, of course).

8) Coffee- Probably more vital than the keys. I always have a coffee cup with a few instant coffee bags with me. Sometimes, I even have a creamer and sugar packet just in case I end up someplace shady without coffee accessories. Current favorite- Einstein Bros Bagels. Feel free to send me a few dozen of these!

9). Phone- This I couldn't live without, but it does live in my purse. You never know when you'll need to look up something, or need to take a picture of a cute guy, or need to listen to just the right song to get a scene going again.

So there you have it, the list of my EDC. Yes, I will probably have back problems when I get older, but each piece helps me process my life of being a writer and prepares me, because you really never know when your muse is going to strike!

Until next time, carry on.

Amanda Arista


Kim Falconer said...

I love hearing what you carry, Amanda.

And it's so true, you never know when the muse will strike. I think carrying these writerly items signals the Muse that you are listening, ready, and that is what's essential. Don't you think?

Thanks for the insights!

:) Kim

Helen Lowe said...

I agree, Kim -- I think the more we commit to creativity through the notebooks (both electronic & paper) etc the more likely the muse is to come calling. So we all need to emulate your EDC, Amanda!