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From the Backlist - eBooks in a Changing World

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Hello Everyone!

It's time to check in on the #backlist at the Supernatural Underground! 

Today we are highlighting a post made in April 2011 on a topic as relevant as it was over a decade ago.

So dive right in to Joss Ware's, (one of the pen names of Colleen Gleason) the international best-selling author), post on eBooks. Don't skip the comments either! So intriguing.

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A Rapidly Changing World

eBooks, hypertext links, SMS - What's Next?

... eBook sales and popularity are exploding, heralds are crying that "print is dead!" and we authors are wondering if we'll ever have reason to do a booksigning again!

We're spending a lot of time as authors thinking about the future, but I'd like to get some perspective from those of you who enjoy our books, but who aren't in the thick of the industry.

So, today, I'm hoping our readers here on Supernatural Underground will weigh in on the following questions for us. We'd love to know what's going on in your mind!

1. Do you have an ereader or do you read ebooks?
2. What percentage of print books versus ebooks are you currently buying?
3. If you have an ereader and only or mostly download books to read, would you find a booksigning worth attending? If so, why?
4. Do you have any suggestions for us authors as far as how to sign/promote books for those of you who buy them electronically? (I've been asked to sign a Kindle and a nook more than once...the actual devices!)

...and any other thoughts or observations you might have!

Thanks so much for being our readers and let us know what you think. 

To explore the many comments already made, continue reading here... and visit Joss (Colleen Gleason) on her spectacular website.

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