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CONGRATS to the winner splendidbird!!! Email me at kim(at)kimberlyderting(dot)com, so we can work out the details.

And I just have to say I loved reading all of your Good Guys v. Bad Boys comments, you guys gave GREAT answers!

I’m piggy-backing on Merrie’s post about Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, only I’m playing it a little differently. Today I’m talking about the Nice Guys vs. the Bad Boys (you know what I’m talkin’ about, ladies)!

In my YA novel, THE BODY FINDER, my main character Violet is in love with her best friend Jay…a very Nice Guy. But is he too nice? Of course not (says the author!), but I do see of a lot of debate over the Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy topic, especially in reviews. With Bad Boys, the concern is that we’re teaching girls that it’s okay to let someone treat them badly, to walk all over them. With Nice Guys, the problem is they don’t always make our hearts race or our pulse pound.

So which is better, the Bad Boy with his tough guy charm and bad-ass attitude? Or the Nice Guy who opens doors and brings his girl flowers?

As a writer, I have an opinion, a fairly strong one. We need them both. At least on paper. Because here’s the deal: how boring would it be if all the guys we read about were cut from the same cloth? How predictable would books be if all the men were just a cookie cutter mold of the last? Blech!

(Really, do they come any nicer than Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything?)

And let me just clarify, in real life I love my nice guy husband who carries in my groceries and makes sure my car has gas before I leave. I also like that he doesn’t let me walk all over him. Because, let's face it, there’s a HUGE difference between the Nice Guy and the Simpering Wimp.

But when I’m reading, I want to be surprised; I want the Bad Boys gone good, the Nice Guys turned bad, and everything in between. I don’t always want to know which is which.

And here’s my answer to the argument that we’re teaching girls to let a man control her by reading about the Bad Boys: It’s fiction, people. Fiction! Make-believe is fun, as long as you make sure they understand the distinction.

So you tell me, which do you prefer? The sweet, endearing Nice Guy or the down-and-dirty Bad Boy?

To get you guys chatting, I’m giving away a signed copy of THE BODY FINDER, along with a swag pack, including a TBF totebag, bracelets, stickers, and signed bookmarks.

To enter, please leave a comment about your favorite Nice Guy or Bad Boy character.

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Contest ends tonight at midnight!


Nancy said...

I agree we need that bad boy gets the motor running, but I also like the good guy that will bring you chicken soup when your sick...that totally warms my heart.

I guess I want the best of both worlds and will always be tempted by both sides.

Nancy said...

Oops my bad
So I have posted (yeay me!+1)
I relinked on twitter (+1)
Supernatural Underground on my blog (+1)

Cool contest!

Leanna Elle said...

I agree with you that we need a variety of boys in our books. It'd be pretty boring if we had all nice guys or all bad boys! For me, my favourite characters are nice boys with an edge or nice guys with a shady past. I can also love the bad boy characters if their intentions are good at heart.

Funnily enough, even though I've always liked the edgy guys, I fell in love with Jay in the body finder, who is such a nice guy. And hot! Another favourite is Damen in The Immortals series. A great guy, but with his secrets and shady past!


Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

dunno, kind of impartial to the nice guy :) favourites: the sarah dessen boys, Jay ;), michael from some girls are
bad boys: nick from the demon's lexicon, adrian from vampire academy


total: 2

thank you :)
ps- if this isn't open to Canada, ignore this post ;)

Jacqueline C. said...

I agree with you that we need both. Nobody would really be happy to see bad boys go away, despite their complaints about a few of them.

My favorite nice guy is Peeta from the Hunger Games series. He's so devoted to Katniss, no matter how often she stomps on his heart!

My fave bad boy goes to Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. He's the perfect example of a bad boy who is great to his woman.

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Cass said...


(+1) Deep inside, most girls want a bad boy, at least to an extent...or someone who just isn't so nice to the point of being bland and pushover-y.

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Total: 3. Thanks for the contest! I love the cover, I've read a preview and it sounds really good!


L-Silverio said...

There are not really Nice Guys, they are wussies, too sweet, too loving, too much you want to puke -- but can't help but 'aaww' at them and take them home out of pity; and they are not really Bad Guys, they are the PERFECT guys, a balance between good and evil, fighting their dark nature a rise to the expectation, because they are f-ing in love with you -- how can any sane woman not fall for it - hard?

A good example would be L.J.Smith's Stefan and Damon; and OF COURSE I pick Damon, all the way! =D Charlaine Harris's Bill and Eric? Eric Northman!

I see you posted a New Moon pic, which just confuses me, because I don't know who to pick as the bad guy . . . Besides being a vampire (a vegan one no less) Edward is soo not a bad boy. And Jacob, is a werewolf - on the human side, has a lot more of a bad guy attitude, but he is such a Nice guy. Stephenie Meyer is trying to mess with our heads. Team Jacob here, btw. .. but I do love Edward. See?! *shakes head*

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Total points = 3

Splendibird said...

Well, for me one of the ultimate Bad boy/Good boy duos has to be Angel and Spike from Buffy. For years and years I was very much an Angel girl. Then he got all moany and whiny and woe-is-me-I-have-to-save-the-world-and-my-soul-and-I-can't-have-sex-or-I'll-go-all-evil.
Give me the evil, I say. I quickly decided to love the fabulous Spike and leave Angel to his existentialist whining.
Great post!

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Anonymous said...

I like Paul Walker's character in The Fast and the Furious. He is a bad boy who is pretending to be good. So he is caring and sweet like a nice guy but he is also kind of dangerous like a bad boy. So I think that a nice guy who is also a bad boy is pretty much awesome.

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mariska said...

OH, I hope this is my chance to win this book that i've been dreaming to win it in Months !

I prefer the down-and-dirty Bad Boy, with A good Heart :) and Smart too !

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total points : 3

Giada M. said...

In real life Nice Guy wins! But in the books I want to be surprised, too. So I also prefer reading of Bad Boys gone good and Good Boys gone bad. It really makes the story more interesting!

Total points: 1

Great post and awesome giveaway!:)
Thank you for this chance!

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

Michelle Santiago said...

I prefer reading about nice guys. Jay is one of my favorite nice guys in YA. I don't like the bad boys because most of the time they are not "bad" they're just jerks. But if I have to pick a bad boy, I'd go with Ash from The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.

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Total: 3

Sylvia said...

I know this is kind of cliche but my favorite bad boy character is, and I think will always be Chuck Bass, from the TV show, not the book:)
Thanks for this contest!


Katie said...

I liked to think that I like Good Boys, but truthfully, I have some attraction to the Bad Boys. They have a danger that I find appealing and intriguing. Still you can't make a life with a Bad Boy. They will break your heart. Maybe that is part of their charm too.

+1 for the comment

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Three cheers for the Nice Guy! I hear so many stories from friends who've married jerks that I can't help but think fiction does have some influence on real life. (For me, fiction isn't just escapism, and it has affected my attitudes toward certain things.) I also think being a Nice Guy and being a pushover are two different things.

I have a soft spot for Sam in the Sookie Stackhouse books. He's cared about her and looked after her from the beginning.

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Libby said...

I'd like to THINK I'd prefer good boys - but then I'm attracted to say.... Eric. Guys you aren't really sure about. Spike? Another crush! I like the snarky-type of guy.. :)

In real life, though -- I like the good guys. Too bad Spike and Eric's don't exist in my real life! ;)

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Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Oh wow! I've been meaning to get this book!

It kind of depends on the degree of nice and bad in the guy. There's the bad guy who's sort of good if a little self serving and then there's the good guy who's just too good. Which I know I've answered this post before from the other authors...but I can't think of anything new to say. I guess in a way I like both, as I said it just depends on the degree of niceness or badness.

Spike from Buffy, might have been what I said last time...or it was in the a good example. He's a bad guy but then later becomes a good guy and even when he is still bad he falls for Buffy. So I like him too.

And there are others, I just don't know how to classify them since they all have good in them, it's just harder to tell if they were a bad guy or not or if they were too bad to be called a good guy but were still helpful.

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Sara said...

In books I'm a sucker for bad boys! Loove them! Good guys are nice for a change sometimes, because honestly, nowadays it seems like every fictional boy is a bad boy! (or am I just reading the wrong/right books?)
In real life, the good guy is probably a better choice for a relationship!
Some of my favorite fictional bad boys: Camden King (she's so money), Adrian (Vampire Academy) Adam Vader (The boys next door) and many more!

Entries: +1


Christa said...
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Pacey1927 said...

I love nice guys...I can't even explain it because I totally understand the rational behind liking bad boys. Some of my favorite good guys: Rhett Butler (yeah, he was a good guy...treated Scarlett too good in my opinion)...Seth from Wicked Lovely...Jacob (I know he has many people that don't see him as a nice guy but I sure do). Shane in Morganville Vampires I think is another nice guy. I have to say there are more 'nice' guys in YA that I can think of then in regular adult novels.

Put me down for two entries. One for my comment and one I will link to my FB. Thanks

Christa said...

So my husband & I just started watching LOST. (I know, we're behind, but I'm so impatient I wanted to wait to start it until the whole series was out -lol). Anyway, last night I was considering (1st Season) how Kate's caught between the good guy - Jack - and the guy that everyone loves to hate - Sawyer - and I found myself a little surprised that I was cheering for Sawyer a little because I want someone to cut him a break (even though everyone hating him is his own fault, lol). This is unusual for me, because I'm typically cheering for the good guy the entire time!

Anyway, thanks for the contest! : )
ambience.of.rain {at}

Anonymous said...

I definitely have to agree that we need both! And, like you mentioned, when the bad boy turns good, and the good guy goes bad ... that's the kind of stuff we love reading about, because it's unexpected and interesting ... not the same old!

My favourite bad boy would have to be Patch, from Hush, Hush ... he's just, well, Patch :P ... he's bad, no doubt about it, yet absolutely fascinating! My favourite good guy, hmmm, that's a hard one actually ... I'm definitely on Team Bad Boy ... but the only one I can think of of the top of my head that I actually like would have to be Jay ... he really is a sweetheart, but SMEXI! As for all the Stefans and Jacobs out there, ugh, keep them. Oh, yeah ... Peeta's interesting, too :) Still, I remain Team Gale ... who's a good guy in his own right, I guess.

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Total: 3

Anonymous said...

OOPS, how could I forget Seth Morgan from Wicked Lovely ... Oh My! He's a good guy, no doubt about that, but I CANNOT get enough of him! Definitely the sexiest nice guy out there :)

Unknown said...

I like nice guys! But bad boys come with so much conflict, so I don't mind reading about them either.

Ellz said...

+1 I think we need both too. I love to have fun with the bad boy, but I wouldn't want to marry one.

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Anonymous said...

My good guy of course is Simon from City of Glass I <3 him lol


Cassandra c

Kimberly B. said...

I think that fiction can be a safe place to experience the sexy bad boy, while realizing that a lot of his personal qualities would not be that ideal in real life. However, that's also true of the nice guy--his dogged pursuit of the heroine sometimes includes behavior that in real life would seem stalkerish.

For me, the sexiest bad boy would probably be Daemon Sadi, aka "The Sadist" from The Black Jewels trilogy, and the sexiest nice guy Joscelin Verreuil from The Kushiel series (although he starts out a bit aloof). But a lot of my favorite characters don't fit well into this binary, being tricksters or snarky intellectuals, for instance, and I like them that way.
Thanks for the great interview!

Sharon S. said...

cue the music: "Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you!" The whole bad boy thing has always been around. We love our heroines to tame the angry beast. In general there is no way our heroines could physically best our favorite alpha males. But the girl is his biggest weakness and she can bring him to his knees. The power of love. "Do hear that Sammy Divine!" .

Emily H. said...

I think I prefer the bad boy, but it would help if he really had a heart of gold. Then, you get the best of both worlds.

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Jessy said...

I have a love for bad boys. My favorite fictional bad boy is Jace from the Mortal Instruments series.


2 total

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

Nicole said...

I'm more of a bad boy girl myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heath Ledger's character in 10 Things I Hate About You. A great nice/bad boy.

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theartgirl said...

I like the nice guys, but bad boys make the story exciting!

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AngelGoneMad said...

I think Eric is my fave bad boy, he started out as a nice hum guy, then turned deadly and ruthless after becoming a vampire. But in a way he still has both characterisitics, depending on the situation. :) So I love a mixture of both, not necessarily all of one or the other. A balance is always good.

My total is 1 (for this comment:)

shoutnaomi at googlemail dot com

Laurie said...

It really is a tough call. I've had relationships with both and I have to say that there is no real right answer for me. Nice Guys bore the hell out of me after awhile but Bad Boys have led to more tears and frustration. I guess it comes down to how secure you are within your own person and what stage of life you are in. The Bad Boy who was so enticing in your 20s may turn out to be the bane of your existence in your 30s & 40s. Which I suppose is why I tend to prefer fictional characters to real men.

I love fictional Bad Boys. They are sexy, exciting, and the heroine wins them over and tames their worst characteristics. They never bore her in or out of the bedroom and she doesn't have to pick up his dirty underwear or nag him to take out the garbage. She gets the best of both types of men in the end. Now if only real life could be like that!

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Natasha said...

I agree, that we need both.
IT comes down to life partners, which do you see yourself with forever..I love a bad guy, but a good guy will win your heart forever. Take care of you when you need it, and be there for you always.
But a bad boy makes your pulse leap!

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Anonymous said...

I love both! In real life and in fiction! Like you said life would be boring without 'em! I don't see how reading about them would be a bad influence on girls either. For the most part the 'bad' boys are not really all that bad, they don't fit the cookie cutter mold of good behavior while courting a girl but they are not full out being abusive to the girls or anything! At least in none that I have read anyways! But on the other hand even if they did have that and the story showed the girl overcoming it and getting out, I think that could only help young girls relate and possibly open their own eyes and encourage them to get help for themselves as well, how can you fault that? :)

2 entries!(for comment & twitter link!)

Amy said...

+1 Comment: It's hard to choose just one BB vs. NG scenario, because I read A LOT and have a lot to choose from! But the one in most recent memory that comes to mind is Etienne (bad boy) and Gage (nice guy) from Richie Tankersley Cusick's Shadow Mirror (Miranda Barnes series). Gage is your all-American nice guy with the cutest dimples and Etienne is the rough Cajun from the bayou with the sexiest accent! And although Miranda chooses in Shadow Mirror...I'm not so sure that that is the end for the other guy! I won't tell're going to have to read the books and find out for yourself! The first book is Walk of the Spirits for anyone interested!

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svmaddict said...

How about good guys who look bad?Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice is such an example. He is the epitome of the perfect guy but he is misunderstood for the 2/3 of the book! And let's face it, that's what makes his character intriguing.

Jeaniene's Frost Ian. He is a bad guy alright -he tried to force Cat to have sex with him by abducting her men and us them as a bargain. Still, his character is hypnotically intriguing, and that's the reason JF's fans are shouting for a book with him as the main character to be written. If that ever happens (and we hope it will!) we may discover that Ian is a Mr. Darcy himself. Simply misunderstood.

To go back to the classics -is there ANY woman that would pick Ashley over Rett? Hell no! And Rett wasn't so bad, was he? Bad-ass? Yes! Bad? No.

Same goes for Charlaine Harris' Eric Northman. He is a badass vampire sheriff but he is also way more than that. Sam is a nice guy. Do you see any "Team Sam"s out there? Nope. Legions of members of "Team Eric" though. Sam is ok but he is boring. He isn't "settle down" he is "settle" -period. Noone wants to see her heroine settle.

Plus, sometimes nice guys turn out to be self-righteous pricks. I have a great dislike for self-righteous pricks.

So my vote -in fiction- goes to bad guys. Or those who appear to be bad.

Shy said...

I definitely agree with you. We need both, on and off paper, to retain balance in a relationship. I believe that too much bad boy in someone could leads to something rather negative. And when the boy is way too nice, this will otherwise leads to boredom. It is impossible to pick just one side.

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Thank you!

Terri Garey said...

Ooo, nice eye candy today, Kim! :-p

I like bad boys in theory, and good boys in real life. No question!

Tanya said...

I love the bad boys. They have to have a heart under all the badness though. I do enjoy a good guy gone bad also. Good guys are too boring for my tastes.

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Okapi said...

+1 Nice guys! My favorite is Jay from The Body Finder.

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Total = 3

US Military Wife said...

Can I have my cake and eat it too? I like a mixture of all, someone who is strong mentally and physically, charming good guy with a bad boy don't mess with me aptitude! I Love my guy in uniform! US Air Force he is a good mix of all for me! But yes I do agree a good mix on paper makes a great fantasy.

Unknown said...

We definitely need both kinds of boys in books, but I'm preferable to the bad boy, though the occasional nice guy does win my affection. In the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare I'm all about Jace over Simon, not that I dislike Simon, I just love Jace.

In Melissa Marr's Ink Exchange, while I did adore Irial, Niall was the one I was cheering for. Then again, Niall turned into the bad boy llater, so he really just captured my heart.

I guess a lot of it depends on the story and the characters themselves, but the conflict between the two different types always makes for an intriguing story.

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Total: +2

PS: Love Johnny Depp in Cry Baby. :-)

Darlene K said...

i've never posted here before so let's give this a try! lol

The bad boys are so tempting....but then i think they are supposed to be, right?? lol
Love those good guys though....especially the ones that are good but do what they have to do to get things done, even if that means good guys doing oh so bad things!! lol

i don't have a twitter and have no idea how to link things all around LOL

Anonymous said...

I find bad boys really attractive... Horrible, I know! I can't really think of one right now though, at least not a unique one :/

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bookaholic said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway!I so badly want to win a copy of The Body Finder!!
+1 Posted a comment-
Nice guys get my vote! Bad guys don't actually get my heart racing or anything.But I guess as you said we need a bit of both...
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Total entries=4

Thanks again!

Anne said...

My favorite is the Good guy masquerading as the Bad guy. I love it when the dark dangerous guy turns out to be sweet and protective and would risk everything for the girl. Ah… makes me Swoon! Patch from Hush, Hush is just one of many examples of this. Like many of the others have said we need both. I love the Bad boy but the Good guy can truly make you melt as well.

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Libby said...

Hi! I'm sorry - I commented earlier (#16 or so) & my Twitter link is incorrect. I wanted to post the correct one. :)


My Facebook & blog links are correct - I just wanted to fix that!

I forgot to mention that I LOVE that a pic of one of my favorite movies was used -- "Say Anything". I want to find my Lloyd! ;) & love the pic of Johnny, of course !

I thought of a favorite literary boy! Actually -2. Sebastian &'Max from the Gardella series. (one of my favorite series!)

& I mentioned Eric from True Blood/Southern Vampire series) LOVE.

& I have so many! I'm sure I'll think of another. Oh! Shane from "Wicked Game" by Jeri Smith-Ready. (is he good or bad? Both? Ooooooo Pete from "Street Magic" by Caitlin Kittredge. Gosh. So many!

Fi-chan said...

I'm not sure if this is international.... So enter me if this is!

Anyway, it depends. Sometimes, I prefer nice guys, sometimes I prefer bad boys.

Nice guys: Matt in Vampire Diaries, Nate in Gossip Girl
Bad boys: Damon in Vampire Diaries, Chuck in Gossip Girl, Puck in Glee.

If I have to choose, bad boys like those I listed above. I'm more attracted to and crazy over them hehe.

I'm not sure Ivan from If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern, and Luke Brandon from Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella fall into which category though. They're more like... normal maybe? I don't think they're nice guys, or bad boys. but I loveeee these 2. :D

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Alessandra said...

+1 Bad Boys don't appeal much to me in real life, so my vote goes for the Nice Guys (even though Brad Pitt in that Fight Club picture is mouth-watery!)

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

+1 It's a tie between Nice Guys and Bad Boys. I love Nice Guys because they're so sweet and loving, but it can get boring without the Bad Boy.So it's a tie for me!

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Total: 3

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

I suppose there is a need for the bad boy element... there's a certain hotness about a guy who breaks some of the rules. However, I am a big fan of the Nice Guy. That doesn't mean that they need to be boring or completely straight laced. Even the bad boy can be a nice guy, as long as he treats the girl with respect. And the nice, nerdy guy? He can be just as hot. I like characters that are layered like real people, where being "nice" is sexy and being "bad" doesn't mean you're a jerk.

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=+2 for me =)

JEM said...

DEFINITELY the bad boy!

+1 for a comment!

Liyana said...

I like the one that's in between. The one who knows when to be bad and when to be nice. ;)

And this is after careful consideration too! I was all Team Nice Guy, but guys at either extreme end just don;t appeal to me. And there's no one truly like that right, whether IRL or as characters?

ylime1981 said...

I think when I am about the "bad guy" it's because they are misunderstood or showing human flaws. I am trying to think of an example right now, but I am completely drawing a blank. In the end, I think all "nice guys" that we like end up being a bit of a "bad guy".


Brooke said...

Though I really love to read about bad boys in novels, I prefer the nice guy in real life. Even if I haven't come across a truly nice guy yet I plan to keep looking. :)

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nymfaux said...

Yea!!!!--I've been hearing such GOOD things about The Body Finder!!!! *crosses fingers*

As for Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys...
I totally agree with you saying, "IT'S FICTION!"
And I like how L-Silverio says, nice guys shouldn't be wusses.

Bad boys make me think of vigilante justice--you know it's "wrong" but you're secretly glad that someone is doing something about it...

...I like both...but they both have to be believable, not sickly sweet, or comes down to who has better chemistry with the main character...but that doesn't necessarily mean either should be her choice for the long run--sometimes all there are are a few moments of amazing explosive passion, or that unrequited love...

For the long haul, though, it has to be the guy who treats the girl right

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M said...

The nice guy usually works for me because I like a guy who will bring you flowers and show up when you need him. Though there is something about bad boys that gets the blood pumping, it's fun to watch, or read about them. I have to agree that in fiction it's good to have both. +1

Barbara E. said...

In fiction I love the bad boys, but when it comes to real life, give me a good guy every time. Who wants to deal with all the bad boy stuff in real life? But it sure is fun to read about. My favorite bad boy is Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series.

Dani said...

OHH I WANT BOTHH!, Someonte whoo seems very BAD but deep, deep inside is very sweet and a NICE BOY [+1]

[+1 Linked]


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hello...Bad boys are amazing to look at and keep you on your toes....but the nice guys are the reliable ones. They're the ones you want to marry. They're the ones you want to bring home, have kids with, buy a house with.
They're the ones who just make the whole "marriage/relationship/trust" concept work!

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Tori [Book Faery] said...
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Merrie Destefano said...

I loved your comment--"I want the Bad Boys gone good, the Nice Guys turned bad." In fiction, and in real life, I like characters who have an honest, believable character arc. I even like nice guys who turn bad and then turn nice again.

And I LOVED Jay in The Body Finder. I never thought he was too nice. I think you portrayed his character with just the right amount of mystery and I don't want to say too much more or I might give away part of the story. =) And Violet was also an awesome strong female character.

Great post! Some lucky winner is going to get some awesome stuff!!

CrystalGB said...

I like a bad boy in books and a good guy in real life.

Tracey O'Hara said...

I like a bad boy who is a good guy to his girl. I like him to be able to kick some ass when it's needed, yet still carry the girl across a mud puddle. This has been a great post Kim.

melissa_marr said...

X-posted from my Twitter--

My take on the "bad boys" debate: IRL, I've been frequently fond of genuinely bad boys so I have very little patience w faux bad-asses. I like a man who can hold his own in a nasty situation, but the best sort of bad-ass doesn't disrespect a woman. If he does, ditch him. *is biased*

PS And I don't want the author to SAY he's tough bc he's got art or a bike. Sweeties get art too (hello, Seth Morgan). *is realllly biased*

Anonymous said...

My favorite Bad Boy is Kisten from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. He's a bad boy vampire, but he was wonderful to Rachel. *tear*

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Nicole Murphy said...

Hi Kimberly

Fabulous post! We writers are rocking it this month!

Hmm, yeah, I've gotta have a bit of mongrel in with my good guy. Say, for example, Han Solo (switching up the genres for a moment). Yeah, he's a bad guy, but then he goes all mushy for Leia, and then he's all embarrassed he goes mushy but he can't help himself cause he loves her soooo much...

Now, how did Lucas get that so right and the rest of it soooo wrong?

Anonymous said...

In books I like the combination of Nice boy & bad boy. Too much of nice boy makes it a bit boring. too much bad boy isn't boring, but eventually I'm screaming at them to go do the right thing.

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throuthehaze said...

+1 one of my fave bad boys is Zsadist from J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

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Melissa (Books and Things) said...

If it's the bad boy with a heart of gold, I'm there. Lloyd Dabler? Oh yea! Love that movie! Like I said on another post... it's all about the heart. What is shown to the outside world is all trimmings. :)

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TracyW said...

I like to have my cake and eat it too. I like the Bad boy with the heart of gold!

Blueicegal ♥ said...
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Blueicegal ♥ said...

Thank you for the awesome contest!

+1 posted a comment - My favorite good boy would have to be Peeta from hunger games because hes patient caring and tries to understand katniss rather than judge. However my favorite bad boy? this is where im torn its between Alex Fuentes damon and Jace how do i pick! okay ill go with Alex he may come across as badass and tough but hes very caring and passionate i adore him!

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Spav said...

My favourite bad boy is Raphael from the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. I think he's the ultimate bad boy: a powerful archangel who hasn't loved in a long time who suddenly starts feeling something for Elena, a hunter. I love that series and especially Raphael!

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Llehn said...

I love good guys because they are more a long term investment.

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Kelsey said...
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Kelsey said...

Okay, my favorite down-and-dirty Bad Boy in all fiction-time is Ty from the novel Stolen, by Lucy Christopher. He's hot and rough and pretty much insane, but somehow at the same time he's sweet and thoughtful and tender. He kidnaps the main character in Stolen, and the rest of the book is about how he tries to win her heart out in the wilderness he's brought her to. It's a crazy book, and Ty is an amazing character... I mean, down-and-dirty Bad Boy!

Thanks for the giveaway, Meg. Love your work.



Desert Lioness said...

Hmm, I personally like a little of both. Bad boys do more fun things like driving fast on motorcycles (*hyperventilates*) but the good ones stay safer...I like a good mix of both.

Now as to my favorite, he's a bad boy in name, but not truly at heart. Shane, the hot muffin stuff from the Morganville Vampires series!

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Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

NG (Stephan) on Vampire Diaries vs BG (Damien) from the same series... I like both good and bad guys my hubby is kinda a bad boy lol....

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Adelina said...

Thanks for the awesome post and giveaway, Kimberly!

I like both. But sometimes I wish the nice guy could get the girl (sometimes, depends on bad boy hotness) anyways, I too like to be surprised. The bad guy who's heart softens toward the girl he begins to care about but doesn't loose his badassness, but also isn't a control freak. And I like the nice guy to be sweet and caring but who will stand up and have his moments of tough badass too.

My fav nice guys are Peeta from Hunger Games, Aaron from The Devouring and Graves from Strange Angles series. I especially love Graves because he's a nice guy who's starting to become a badass without becoming a jerk, which is hot, he's still nice and cares a lot for Dru.

Fav bad boy picks are Damon from Vampire Diaries, Adrian from Vampire Academy and Bones from Night Huntress series.

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Krista said...

Well I like both. Jay in TBF was a fantastic character (and was no pushover), and Eric Northman in Charlaine Harris's series also gets the heart going! There's room for both in fiction and readers can enjoy the ride!

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Onge said...

I love a both. But one of my favorite characters is Ian from The Host!! I love how kind he is to Wanderer. Makes me smile just thinking about him! :)
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Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

I like both in a story but I always root for the Bad Boy over the Nice Guy.
Like in Wicked Lovely A LOT of peeps root for Seth but I'm all for Keenan. And I def. go for Eric over Blah-Bill.
I can't get enough of a Bad Boy with a good heart. My fave Bad Boy is Bones from Night Huntress. He is so bad ass but so good if you know what I mean. ;)
In real life I like a mix of both, a man that will treat you right but keep it interesting too.

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Kori said...

See..This one is tricky for me. I want the in between. I want the bad boy with the nice guy underneath. I absolutely love Jace from The Mortal Instruments(Bad boy who thinks he bad but good underneath). I Love Ethan from Beautiful Creatures(Not a bad boy, but a nice guy for sure!) I LOVE Ash from The Iron King!(also a bad boy) BUT who could forget Jay from The Body Finder! I feel like he is the ultimate Nice guy in YA. I just can't make up my mind..I guess you could say I am in between..But that's not a bad thing!

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Jessie Harrell said...

The ladies at Oasis for YA have given you a blog award because we love this blog. Please come check it out.

and btw - I like bad boy Keenan from the Wicked Lovely series. Never wanted the bad boy to beat out the good guy so bad.

nymfaux said...

Congrats to the winner!!!--Looks like an amazing book!!!