Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to Books That Go Bump in the Night!

Hear that creaking noise?  Is it the door to an ancient crypt, or the slow opening of a coffin that's lain hidden for centuries? Shhh... that whisper... is it the wind, or the voices of lost and lonely souls, clamoring for your attention?

Nah, you guessed it... it's the gates to the Supernatural Underground, and we are SO excited to throw them open and let you all inside!

We're a group of best-selling HarperCollins authors, writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for adults and teens under the Avon, Eos, HarperTeen and William Morrow imprints, who've decided to band together to share our books and our love of the supernatural genre with like-minded readers.  After meeting each other at conference events, booksignings, cocktail parties and book tours, we discovered that not only did we actually like each other, we admired each other's work, and truly understood all the time and effort that goes into the writing life in a way perhaps no one else could.

Join us as we step from the shadows, ready to share our love of books that go bump in the night with you, the reader, in a series of individual author blogs (see post below this one for schedule) in which we discuss our writing processes, our characters, our upcoming and past releases, our lives, our inspirations, our frustrations, hopes, plans, dreams... and maybe even our favorite brand of chocolate!  (Aw, c'mon... you knew there would be chocolate, right?)

We write about what we love, and for many of us, that love is rooted in our childhood...fairy tales, favorite books, horror movies, television. Take a second and think: what is it that first drew YOU toward the dark side?

Leave us a comment and let us know.  In the meantime, we'll kick off the opening of the Supernatural Underground with a plethora of paranormal goodie giveaways starting with vampires, ghosts and post-apocalyptic romance:

An autographed set of Jeaniene Frost's NIGHT HUNTRESS series, complete with bookmarks!

An autographed set of Terri Garey's NICKI STYX series, complete with bookmarks!

An autographed set of the first three books in Joss Ware's ENVY CHRONICLES, complete with bookmarks!

How do you enter?  It's easy, and there's tons of ways to earn extra chances at winning:

1) Earn one point for commenting in this post, either here or on our Facebook page. 
2) Earn one extra point for Re-Tweeting/Facebooking (or any other status updating) of the contest.
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**IMPORTANT:  You have to tell us what you did in the body of your comment, or we won't know!

Winners will be announced tomorrow, June 2nd, 2010, so get busy and spread the supernatural word! Open to US and International.

Stop by often throughout the month, as we'll be giving away more goodies on a daily basis than you can shake a gargoyle at, including books by Melissa Marr, Jocelynn Drake, Pamela Palmer, Vicki Petterson, Kerrelyn Sparks, Tracey O'hara, and many more!


Snazel said...

I think what first made me like the dark side of stories was meeting characters who'd been damaged, and still came out swinging. I ran away from tormenters, but these were people who a.) fought back, and b.) (when I got past the "standing up to bullies" books) ran away and then came back with heavy armament. And they were angry. I LIKE angry girls!

Tracey O'Hara said...

Hey check out this prizes - and yes - Angry kick-arse girls ROCK!!!!

Sharon S. said...

Congrats on the grand opening!!:) see you guys at the Underground.

(I get all my points as if there was any doubt;)

Rosie said...

Oh this is brilliant!!!! We just LOVE books that go bump in the night!

So yes to retweets!!

Congrats to all of you!

Libby said...

Congrats!!! This is fantastic! :) I'm excited about this! :)

My supernatural/paranormal addiction comes from an event in my childhood that had me hooked for life. I remember watching a cheesy vampire movie at 6 (yup, 6!) - & that night I slept facing my mirror, but I constantly turned around to make sure there wasn't a vamp in my room. ( cause it was lt was perfectly possible in my brain that a vampire snuck in my room through a window behind me & was luring over my bed.. Ready to get me. & I had to keep looking over my shoulder (despite no way to fend off the vampire. I just hoped I could talk them out of it. YUP! I believed this!) anyways, since I was facing a mirror & they wouldn't show up -- I had to keep watch. That is when my overactive imagination started keeping me up at night -- yet it also created a crazylove for vampires, things living under my bed, etc. I have been obsessed w/all things vampire/supernatural since! :) (that was 24/25 years ago)

I will retweet more (already retweeted the one that led me here) & post links later on. (I'm @ailish79 on twitter)

Terri Garey said...

Hi, guys, and welcome to the Underground! Libby, your story reminded me of what I did as a kid to keep vampires away while I was sleeping... I not only wore one of my mom's scarfs around my neck, but I hung a little glow-in-the-dark cross from the headboard of my bed! :-D

My love for the spooky started with reading Edgar Allen Poe in middle school, and watching classic horror movies on Saturday afternoons. Anne Rice's vampire Lestat cemented the deal!

Good luck today, everyone!

ymiris said...

Woot! My wife, daughter and myself LOVE these books and this is a great idea!

Love seeing you on twitter and I am sending the word out there! :D

Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

I have been drawn to the dark side since I was 13, so 9 years ago. I read a book by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and hence my love of vampires and other things that go bump in the night began. I started to find any vampire or supernatural book I could find in the YA section, much harder to do at that time. Of course back then my friends teased my about my vampires and other creature fetish, and now the traitors are reading vampire books. Of course I might have made some recommendations to them as well.

Look forward to following this blog!

Toadee said...

you're just a bunch of temptresses (and I love it)

Terri Garey said...

You know it, Tim (Toadee)! :-)

Kendra said...

so excited for the new site and giveaways

Angela @ Reading Angels said...

I started back when I was little with R.L. Stine and Christpher Pike, it's just carried over into adulthood :-)

Re-Tweeting - http://twitter.com/readingangel002/status/15175367514

I follow on facebook (Angela Hedrick-Messer)
I follow on twitter (readingangel002)
I follow this blog (Angel)

The graphic is on my button slideshow, left sidebar at http://readingangel002.blogspot.com

So excited for the opening of this fantastic site! It's going to be a blast!

Mel Teshco said...

I started enjoying darker novels after reading too many heroines and even hero's who were sappy and boring. Come on!!! I love kick ass, smart ass, wild ass characters who take me on a ride on the wild side!!
I also twittered you guys =)

Joss Ware | Colleen Gleason said...

This is going to be such fun! Thank you all for your support and participation.

We hope you find our blog and site interesting and compelling.

Thanks for coming by!

Bethany C. said...

Wow, kind of hard to explain. I guess I've always been a little dark. Without the white pancake make-up and crappy poetry. I've read some of the authors on here already and love them!

Friended on fb, follow on twitter (bcardoo79) and follow blog

posted on fb-http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=1625972197&v=wall&story_fbid=126203794075386

and twitter-http://twitter.com/bcardoo79/status/15176789628

Diane said...

always been attracted to the dark side, the magic side and of course that spills over into fiction.

I've friended you on facebook, and shared with other friends. Followed on twitter from the RWAus and chickollage accounts, and re-tweeted from both.

literati_rain66 said...

What brought me to the dark side? The fact that I lead a very reserved, very quiet life. Reading about darker things lets me experience something that I otherwise wouldn't. Plus, I can escape from my responsibilities and have fun!

+1 for commenting
+1 for Re-tweeting (literati_rain66)
+1 already friended on FB and Twitter, and following the blog
+2 for stealing your graphic and posting it on http://literatisliterarylibrary.blogspot.com/ and linking to your blog

:) Thanks guys! Love the blog!

claritysheen said...

I'm following the blog and I've been into vampires since the Lost Boys. Who doesn't love a blond Keifer Sutherland?

Cassay said...

Wow look at those prizes! I loved supernatural stuff since i was very little dont really know what started it.

+1 comment
+1 for status update http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=595270462
+1 for follwing on twitter/faceook/log
+2 for picture and link on facebook (see above link)
Total 5 pionts

Thanks for the awesome prizes

John (johnnie_cakes) said...

I read a lot of RL Stine and Christopher Pike when I was younger, and then that transitioned into Dean Koontz. I stopped reading for a while, but got really into urban fantasy a few years ago after reading Kelley Armstrong's No Human's Involved. I love how the supernatural gives authors a way to look at our world from a different perspective.

+1 for commenting
+1 for retweeting (http://twitter.com/johnnie_cakes/status/15177591570)
+ 1 for following on twitter (johnnie_cakes), facebook, and the blog

thanks for a great blog, and AWESOME kick off contest!

Msabbarese said...

WOW! This is fantastic and a terrific idea. I am always looking for new paranormal authors and this lists them out for me. It took me a long time to find the type of books I liked that would keep my interest and paranormal did it for me. Now I can't put one down! Thanks for putting this site together!

Maria V. said...

I've always been fascinated by the dark side, and no, not just from Darth Vader. (Although, I do believe he was misunderstood.) My mother used to read me fairy tales all the time. The original ones with the bloody, morbid, and sad endings. (Thanks Mom!!) When I read the "Mother Goose" versions, I was really disappointed. They were not scary at all. D; I've always rooted for the monsters in books and movies. They are so much more seductive to me on so many levels.

Posted on FB: www.facebook.com/Rehv1

Already a friend on FB and I follow the blog.

Christina Phillips said...

Congrats on launching your new blog!!

Thinking back, I fell into the dark side when I was about 10 and read Wuthering Heights! At the time I didn't even register the spooky bits - I just thought it was completely normal that a ghost would haunt the tortured hero. I don't think I've changed much over the years, either!!!

I'm following you on Facebook :-)

Erica said...

I'm really not sure what drew me to the dark side, I just think the fascinating stories and all the characters.

Msabbarese said...

friend on facebook, shared contest on facebook, set as profile picture on facebook, joined and posted comment on blog and facebook, link listed on facebook page with picture on profile! I think that covers all! Can't wait to continue reading about Supernatural Underground!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

1) "Commenting" ;)

2) Tweeted: http://twitter.com/BooksThings/status/15180522815

3) I follow on Facebook (Melissa B),
Twitter (@BooksThings),
Follow this blog (Melissa)

4) Stole Graphic and put it on http://melissawatercolor.blogspot.com/ (under the blog list I have going there)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I can't wait to see what my fellow authors have to share.

What drew me to the dark side? Simple: I love a world where rules are broken, but whose laws still bind the players in it. Fantasy and relatiy converge in paranormal romance, but I still get the sparks and happy ending I love.

I like my women strong and lethal; I like my men scarred, tortured and dominant. You can't get much more psychological baggage of the killing kind than a paranormal hero, that's for sure.

After all, anything that bumps in the night is going to leave scars, don't you think?

Aik said...

+1 I'd love to win the autographed set of Jeaniene Frost's NIGHT HUNTRESS series, complete with bookmarks!

+1 Tweeted:

+1 Follow on Twitter @aikchien

+1 Blog follower via GFC

+1 Facebook fan (Aik Chien)

+2 Putting the graphic on Facebook:

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Tracey O'Hara said...

I realise I forgot to say what drew me to the dark side. Believe it or not - Enid Blyton. I LOVED the Magic Faraway Tree books from the time my 2nd grade teacher started reading it to the class. Fairies and fae folk, a tree with all sorts weird and wonderful creatures living in it and at the top a different Magical land every other day. What could top that. I was hooked to the supernatural from that moment on. But Stephen King gave me my thirst for the dark side of the paranormal.

Michelle Santiago said...

+1 congrats on the blog launch! :) and thanks for this giveaway. I'd love to win the Jeaniene Frost or the Terri Garey prize packs please (only b/c i already have the envy chronicles books).

+1 i follow this blog
+1 i follow on twitter (@chelleyreads)
+1 i retweeted about this giveaway: http://twitter.com/chelleyreads/status/15183767336
+2 posted graphic on my blog's sidebar: http://booksandmakeup.blogspot.com

bookmakeupreview AT gmail DOT com

Orchid said...

Awesome new blog and great sounding books! :)

+1 commenting
+1 follow this blog

hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com

Letter Garden said...

WAAA~ so many cool authors!!! x3

I ♥ supernatural creatures because they live without (boring) rules and are not cry babies. Plus they've got bad-ass superhuman power~*
Hmm... I guess it all started with TV.

+1 comment
+1 tweeted https://twitter.com/LetterGarden
+1 blog follower
+2 posted the graphic http://letter-garden.blogspot.com/

If I'm one of the lucky winner, I'd absplutely mega dupa LOOOOVE to get the Night Huntress-Set. I'm bleeding for the series!!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Congrats to the Supernaturals for the new blog!

What drew me to the dark side - well, I think Greek mythology. Those gods could be quite snarky and smitey indeed.

Good luck to you all.

Follow Blog
Follow on Twitter (@ElenisKafe)
Posted in blog

Nicole said...

I've only read the Frost Series, I'll have to check the other ones out!

Follow Blog, Twitter (MinnChica), Retwetted & updated Facebook status.

Buffy said...

Hi there! I'm so glad this blog got started. It looks like it's going to be great.

I read things like Goosebumps when I was a kid, but the real reason I got into the darker side of it all was my grandmother. I don't think she knew what path she was leading me on, of course. She said, "you should read this new series about vampires, I heard it was good." Done and done. Started with just one book in 2007 and am at about 200 books today.

+1 Commented here and Facebook.

+1 Wrote a Facebook status about the contest, included your site. http://www.facebook.com/thatoneindiecindie

+1 Friended on Facebook and wrote a status tagging the group.

+2 I added the graphic to my newest photo album and had the Facebook group URL as the tagline.

Thanks so much!

Sophie Jordan said...

Yay! We're open!!
Welcome, all!

Exciting to read your stories ... I, too, read a LOT of RL Stine growing up. Maybe my fascination started there?!


Shanese La'Tia said...

This is so cool.

Commented here and Facebook.

Wrote a Facebook status about the contest, included your site.

Friended on Facebook and wrote a status tagging the group.

Shanese La'Tia

Juliana Stone said...

Yaya we are live!!! The first book I read that totally sucked me into the dark side was Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. I was totally hooked!!!

Jess. said...

Yay for being live!

I've been reading books that go bump in the night since grade school. R.L Stine was my first love. Haha.

Following you guys on twitter (@riotxjess) Also following via Google Friend Connect (Jess.) Also tweeted about it here: (http://twitter.com/riotxjess/status/15186149641) and linked to todays contest on my sidebar using the graphic (http://www.findthetimetoread.net)

I'm so stoked to keep reading this. I'm hoping to hear from old favorite authors and find some new ones :)

tetewa said...

This is my favorite genre to read, can't wait for the month to go on! Great giveaways, count me in! tWarner419@aol.com

Shannon said...

I've always been drawn to hot vampires, but for me things exploded with Trueblood. That deliciousness lead me to The Southern Vampire books and am now a full blown Cat & Bones addict. When Eric's not around it's nice to know where I can find Bones!

+1 Commented here
+1 retweeted
+1 following on twitter and google friend connect

baileythebookworm said...

This is a great giveaway!!

The thing that first drew me to "the dark side" as it were was my love of science fiction. I've been a sci-fi fan since I was about 8, and the paranormal just seemed like the next logical step. I especially love blends of the two genres.

baileytheookworm at gmail dot com

Karen said...

Very cool site!
+1 comment
+2 follow on twitter and retweeted contest http://twitter.com/teamsheltie
+2 grapfic and contest link (listed under under my contests)

Rachel said...

I first fell in love with dark creatures before I'd even made it through elementary school. I was the odd kid that read too much, that wasn't athletic that got called a teacher's pet and with a less than stellar childhood going on at home I felt like an outcast most of the time so when I found books on ghosts and witches (in first grade some of he first books I read were by Betty Wren Wright) I decided to embrace the darkness and my oddness.

I am so excited about this group as you ladies make up my favorite authors and those who inspire me the most to be myself even now as a very odd adult <3

Comment here
I friended your group on Facebook a while ago but posted the blog and contest link in status

Also followed this blog here at Blogspot

and Twittered the contest
and followed you all on twitter.

and posted graphic and link on my Cafemom page :) (it gets more view than my blog)

= (if I did my math right) +7

Merrie Destefano said...

I am loving all these comments!

My journey to the "dark side" began with fairy tales. I just couldn't get enough. That evolved into comic books--loved Superman--and then into a couple of graphic novel precursors called Eerie and Creepy. On TV, I was watching The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Star Trek and Lost in Space. About that time I also began reading Edgar Allan Poe...at that point, there was NO turning back. (I hear you can never go back after Poe. Grin.)

So glad to see all of you here!!

Trader Mare said...

Great contest! Although I never win anything, I thought I'd enter just the same. so here is what I did:

1). I'm commenting on this post now
2). I retweeted Jeaniene Frost's twitter post about this page.
3). I friended you on Facebook, followed you on twitter and followed your blog,
4) stole your badge and posted it and the link to your facebook page and blogsite on my facebook page

Anonymous said...

already love this site!
What drew me to the dark side was the fact that all I do in my everyday life is study science. It's great but sometimes I need to get away and what better place to go than the supernatural? It's my favorite escape.

+1 comment
+1 tweet http://twitter.com/yabookaholics/status/15186937969
+1 follow blog from Yabookaholics
+1 follow from @Yabookaholics

SusanKMann said...

Fantastic blog I love it and fantastic giveaway.

I have always loved anything supernatural or paranormal since reading Gruesome and bloodsocks as a very young child. Been in love with vamps, werewolves, horror anything like that every since.

I am a friend on facebook, blog follower and twitter follower.

Good luck xx

Donna Cummings said...

Just wanted to say good luck on your new venture!

I actually don't like scary stuff! LOL But I fell in love with vampires with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's books wayyyyy back. I liked how she wove St. Germain's story with real-life historical events, so it was very intriguing. Oh yeah, and he was HOT. LOL

Sara said...

I was first drawn to the dark side by Robin McKinley's SUNSHINE. I was in awe the first time I read it... It started my love affair with vampire novels and stories, which morphed into a love of all kinds of paranormal literature.

+1 comment
+1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/thehidingspot/status/15187536453
+1 Follow on Twitter & Blog (@thehidingspot)
+2 Graphic linked on sidebar: http://thehidingspot.blogspot.com

The site looks wonderful and I can't wait for more fun posts!

Sara @ The Hiding Spot

Helen To said...

Site is awesome already. XD Here's to hoping I win, lol. XP

+1 Comment
+1 Follow on Twitter (@remula)
+1 Tweet http://twitter.com/remula/status/15188078076


Tanya said...

Love the site. I have always loved books that go bump in the night. Movies as a teenager would have to be what drew me to paranormal books. Interview with a Vampire and Dracula. Love em!!

Toadee said...

All this technology befuddles me.
I've put a link on my FB (which should put a curse on your endevours)and I'm thinking nice thoughts about those of you that I know but I wonder if I an get points just for being a rogue ;)

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

What a great site and great contest! I love paranormal books and this looks like a great author blog site!

+1 Blog follower
+1 Twitter follower (@DarklyReading)
+1 Tweeted http://twitter.com/DarklyReading/status/15188635211

Thanks for the great contest!

Terri Garey said...

I am SO loving reading how everyone was originally drawn to the dark side - so many books I've never even heard about, much less a comic book called Creepy & Eerie! (I want one!) :-)

And yes, Tim, you get daily karmic points for being a charming rogue, befuddled though you may occasionally be. :-)

theartgirl said...

I went to the dark side as a child. By the time I entered 4th grade I had read all the paranormal books (nonfiction) in our town's library.

Great contest. I have: commented-1, retweeted-1, facebook entry-1, friended on FB-1, follow on twitter-1, follow the blog-1 = 6 pts.

Midnyte Reader said...

Love this site!!!

Steven Gatlin said...

As if the fun we get from reading your books wasn't enough! Thanks for the cool contest.

I have Commented (obviously), Retweeted, shared the contest info on my Facebook page, Changed my Facebook profile pic to your graphic w/URL, "Liked" your Facebook page (there was no friend option), following you on twitter and just think all of you are pretty cool in general.

I have no idea how many points that's worth, but I'll let you guys figure that out. =)

Kerrelyn Sparks said...

Hi guys! So great to see you all here! What a fantastic opening prize!
For me, I've always loved romance, but paranormal romance gives you an extra thrill and chill.

Sharon S. said...

I'm with Tracy O'hara. Stephen King was my first . Salem's Lot.

arteemus37 said...

I was drawn to the dark side after reading Jane Eyre as a child, and also by having an older sister who reads Stephen King & loves horror movies. I was "corrupted" at an early age. I LOVE this contest, hope I win. :)

I've commented (obviously!), I'm a FB fan, I shared your site on FB, changed my profile to your graphic/URL.

Texas Book Lover said...

I don't know what got me over to the dark side...I just like to get away from reality and this genre is my escape route. I am a book addict and am always reading...seriously if I could find a job that I could do it professionally I would!

Love the new blog.
Maria S

Linda Henderson said...

I think what drew me to the darkside was all those old Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein movies I watched when I was growing up (a long time ago). I've enjoyed the supernatural ever since. Loved Charmed when it was on tv.

I follow this blog on Google
I follow this blog on Facebook as myself.
I follow on Twitter as BookOwner.

seriousreader at live dot com

Unknown said...

I am so excited about this! I never read blogs, but Kerrelyn Sparks is my favorite author and I can't wait to read about similar authors that I might enjoy!

I became a fan on Facebook, and shared the graphic on my Facebook.

Can't wait to read more!

Book Devourer said...

Just started following you and so far I'm enjoying your site.

I earn one point for commenting in this post
I earned one extra point for Re-Tweeting the contest.
I earned one extra point for following you on Twitter and I'm following this blog
I earned two extra points for stealing this graphic, and putting it as my twitter profile pic and I have a link to your site on there.

So--5 points?

skyla11377 said...

+1 Congrats On The Launch Of Your Blog. What An Awesome Way To Celebrate Your Launch. You Have Some Really Awesome Series Up For Grabs. I Would Love To Be Entered into This Giveaway.

+1 I Tweeted About This Giveaway On Twitter (@skyla11377).

+1 I Have Friended You On Facebook (Raquel Vega-Grieder), I Am Following You On Twitter (@skyla11377) And I Am Following Your Blog (skyla11377).

+2 I Blogged About This Giveaway (skyla11377).

I Posted Your Graphic On My Facebook Page (Raquel Vega-Grieder).


Nikki B. said...

I've crossed to the darkside in 6 grade! We had to write an essay on a famous poem I chose Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven' and I've been in love ever since!...Welcome to blogville! ;)

I posted on twitter: http://twitter.com/evilqueen21/status/15191053880

I follow on Twitter!
We're friends on FB!
& following this spiffy new blog!

johanna said...

Wow, I just started reading paranormal about a year or so ago! So I really like this site for me to catch up on authors and books! I love Kerrelynn Sparks, she's great! I love contests with free stuff! I'm following on Facebook! I also shared with a couple friends too!

CaitieScott said...

I am sooo excited about the launching today. I cant wait for the giveaways and the interviews. I <3 Jeaniene Frost. I love others to, im just saying. =]

Rebecca Wells said...

Gah! I am so in. The thing that first drew me to the dark side was the idea that there are creatures (sometimes awesome, sometimes scary) that have awesome powers. The potential is fascinating!

I'm now a follower of the blog (+1) and have tweeted (http://twitter.com/ReaderlyPerson/status/15191957870) (+1)

Total: 3

- Rebecca

Texas Book Lover said...

I forgot to say what I did so...

I commented here
I Friended on Facebook
I Reposted it the link on Facebook
I would add teh graphic if I could figure out how...oh well.

Have a great day!
Maria Smith

Kt Clapsadl said...

This would be an awesome contest to win! +1

I posted on twitter +1

I am a friend on facebook, and I follow on twitter and the blog. +3

I posted the graphic with link on my blog: +2 http://kclapsadl.blogspot.com/

Total= 7

E.J. Stevens said...

Wow! I would love a chance to win. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


From the Shadows

+1 following blog with Google Friends Connect


Deana H. said...

I am super excited about this contest!

+1 commented on this post
+1 Shared this on Facebook
+1 Friended on Facebook,twitter, and blog follower (Deana Hills, Vamplubber, Froglett42)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Just blogged about it (no, I already got my extra points for taking the graphic for my blog). This is just FYI.


Unknown said...

I'm excite about this contest as well. I'll do all I can to spread the word.

+1 commented on this post
+1 Shared through status updates on Facebook
+1 For friending on Facebook
Tried to steal the graphic but couldn't get it onto my Facebook page. Oh well..

Alicia said...

I totally love this!

+1 commenting
+1 Re-Tweeting (http://twitter.com/leasha_91/status/15193493559)
+1 Following us on Twitter (@leasha_91)and Following this blog

Beth said...

Always glad to find a new place to learn about and discuss my fave genre of books.
I found sci-fi books as a teen and back then fantasy was mixed in with sci-fi at the book stores, so I found fantasy too. Then in my 20s I discovered romance. Now I can get both fixes in the same books.

I don't do Facebook or twitter so can't earn those points.

1 point for commenting
1 point for becoming a follower

Beth C.

Meredith said...

Great giveaway with GREAT prizes!

Please include me in the drawing!

+1 I am following your blog!

Book Lovers 4Ever said...

Love, Love, Love so many of these authors and books!!
I've been reading since I was a little girl, I remember in my early teens falling in love with the VC Andrews books and over the years my love of reading has just grown. I read 2 to 3 books a week.

1= already following on Facebook
2= posted a comment on here
3= posted the link on my FB page- (Wendy Yerger Maples) asking friends to join
4= clicked to follow this blog
5= added your blogger link to my blog http://vampireswerewolvesfairiesohmy.blogspot.com/

Wendy M

Lisa's Most Random Blog ever said...

I became a fan of Melissa Marr because of the book cover and she suggested to check this out from Twitter

Anonymous said...

This is a super exciting new site and I can't wait to find out what's in store :) I've absolutely loved these books ever since reading the Twilight series some time last year - what a surprise to discover that there were SO MANY books in this awesome genre out there! (",)

Jeaniene Frost is one of my all-time favourite authors!!! Winning the Night Huntress series would be great :)

Tweet Tweet: http://twitter.com/izibellz/status/15194146317

I liked the page on FB (Izabela Colf), and am now a Twitter follower (@izibellz) and blog follower.

I also added the graphic to my blog's sidebar, and linked it to this site's home page :) http://paranormal-obsession.blogspot.com

That's a total of SEVEN points alltogether.

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for the giveaway!

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total: +8

emily-casey at comcast (dot) net

Thanks again!

elaing8 said...

I've always been drawn to the dark side of books. I don't read sappy,crying ones.I want a kick ass hero/heroine who can get themselves in and out of trouble and knowing sometimes they need help. A good page turning,nailing biting story that makes me want to read it straight through.

Follow the blog
Follow on twitter @elaing8
tweeted http://twitter.com/elaing8/status/15194870615


Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, I'm not entering, but I just wanted to say, yippee! Looks like a fabulous new blog. I'm excited to see what you all get up to here.

Patricia Lynne said...

I remember reading RL Stine and the fear street books when I was little, but there was this one vampire book that I can't remember the name of but I loved it. after that I'd ready anything with vampires. then for a long time I didn't read and it was Twilight that pulled me back into the world of vampires and now I barely ready any books that don't have supernatural creatures in it.
followed on twitter and facebook +2
subscribed to the blog feed +1
stole the graphic and linked on facebook +2
and retweeted +1
w00t for six points! lol
thanks for the awesome site!

loriekay said...

Would love to win some books! I am leaving a comment here as instructed, signed up as a follower for the blog, and friended the facebook page. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Book Chatter Cath said...

I am so excited to be a part of this blog!!

I'm following you here and on Facebook and according to your flagcounter I'm your first follower from New Zealand!!!!!

I get all my book suggestions from your site and have loved everything so far.
Great job......mwah

Cathy M said...

I've been hooked on the dark side since reading my first Carpathian story many moons ago.

blog follower


nymfaux said...

Super[Awesome] Underground!

So what drew me to the dark side?--I think it was a combination of Christopher Pike and Alfred Hitchcock--I love a good story, but there is a magic in the unknown and unexpected--My pulse races--My mind races--I think I know, or I guess what might happen, or sometimes I have know clue--But I am always driven to find out--I have to KNOW.

I don't know if you get more points for commenting in multiple places, but I also commented on facebook, retweeted on twitter, friended on facebook and twitter, copied the image and posted it on facebook along with the links!

Unknown said...

+1 comment: I have always loved dark scary fairytales, even before I could read I asked my parents to read me some, then when I got older I became fascinated with myths and legends. As a teenager I loved horror movies and thrillers, and I can't remember a time when I wasn't a fan of a paranormal TV series: I watched Lois&Clark, Buffy, Roswell, Tru Calling, Charmed, etc.

Amazing giveaway please enter me too!

+1 posted on Facebook here and will post again later (under user anme Stella Ex Libris): http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000899165880&v=wall&story_fbid=126736274022000

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Thank you for making this international!!

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot)com

Terri Garey said...

Wow, I think we're gonna need to throw in a few more books to give away to all you awesome people!

Thanks so much, and I wish you could ALL win! :-)

graphix_girl said...

Oh! I hope I win some of these wonderful books!
okay, I've:
1) left a comment
2) facebooked it on my wall
3) friended it on Facebook.


DBookWhore said...

YAY!!! Thanx for the contest....

Natasha said...

Hmmmm, my first step into darkness would be probably after reading Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton a while back. I can honeslty say without reading that series, it may have too a while longer. Then after was Jeaniene Frost, etc. I love them all!

+1 follow on twitter @AGreatBook
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Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

+1 What a wicked contest! I would love to get my hands on that Night Huntress Series. Thank you!

Oh, and I was drawn to the dark side by the lack of HEA... a girl can only take so much mushy mushy stuff before she wants her men bleeding and broken at her feet. ;)

Miranda mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

PS- I'm really not that vicious, but it sounds good.

Victoria said...

What brought me to the dark side was Kelley Armstrong. I found Bitten at the library one day and thought it sounded interesting. After reading it I did a search for her that brought up Larissa Ione. After her demons I was done for.

Jacqueline C. said...

Growing up, I would sometimes read paranormal tales. I remember having an R.L. Stine addiction in elementary school. I kept reading things like that from time-to-time as a teen. I was especially hooked to Buffy the Vampire Slayer books. My full blown devotion though, didn't come until I was about 21. Once I picked up the Sookie Stackhouse books, I was done.

I also follow the blog, follow on Twitter and friended you guys on Facebook.

Unknown said...

Posted again on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000899165880&v=wall&story_fbid=101082739941465&ref=mf

and tweeted here: http://twitter.com/Stella_ExLibris/status/15201926168

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Unknown said...

Oooh what a lovely site! Ive always liked reading horror, though I went to reading fantasy for years. Now Im back into reading more exciting things, mostly Urban Fantasy.

What an awesome giveaway btw!

+1 comment
+1 tweet (@nimmeth)
+1 friending facebook, twitter follow, blog follow

Gaby G said...

+1 I think I like to read paranormal because I want to live every weird adventure the protragonist are living. For me, it started with Christine Feehan's Dark Serie.

1+ follower

INCiDeNT (Kayleigh) said...

What drew me in were the darker elements present in Paranormals, the writing style of a grittier and engaging nature and above all the complexities of a forbidden love. The lack of a HE always captured my interest too.

+ 1 - I follow this blog.
+ 1 - Follow on Twitter (@INCiDeNT_Zinc).
+ 1 - Liked you on Facebook (Kayleigh H)
+ 2 - I put the graphic up on my FB page with the link to your blog: http://www.facebook.com/INCiDeNT.Z#!/photo.php?pid=160545&id=100000738041460&comments&ref=mf
+ 1 - I RT'd the contest: http://twitter.com/INCiDeNT_Zinc/status/15201595432

sgttibbs said...

Love this blog. It's right down my alley!!!



Heather W said...

What an amazing contest =]

+1 I think I was drawn to the dark side by my cousin. He would always tell me about the books he was reading with hopes of scaring me but it just intrigued me and had me borrowing his books.

+2 Following on facebook and this blog.

+1 Posted on facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000700306682

Tynga said...

What I great contest! Please count me in!

What brought me to the dark side, well I have to say it's the first twilight movie that got me reading. I wasn't reading before that,and one thing led to another and I am now addicted to UF!

+1 for commenting
+1 tweeting; http://twitter.com/Tynga/status/15204177168
+1 blog follower

Thanks! =D

Kelsey said...

Great choice of books, especially the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost!

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/Door2Wonderland/status/15204746851.

I follow on Twitter, and my username is Door2Wonderland.

krae991 at yahoo dot com

Helen said...

Hi All

Congrats on the new site I love it I started reading paranormal romance a couple of years ago with Nalini Singh's Slave To Sensation and I am loving this genre and am trying lots of new authors I love the world building and characters thanks Ladies.
Hi Tracey it was great meeting you at the ARRA Awards in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.
I have become a follower
Become a fan on facebook
Posted it to my facebook page

Have Fun

Kimberly B. said...

Oh, what a great giveaway! And I'm so glad to have found this site!
I became a fan on facebook (@Kimberly Bea)
I became a twitter follower (@KimBea)
I follow your blog (as sneakybea)
I retweeted about the giveaway (again, @KimBea)
Thanks so much!

Pam P said...

Love the new underground digs,came to bump along with you all. A few new authors here I need to start reading; love Jeaniene's Night Huntress series, just finished Vicki Pettersson's Cheat the Grave, and darn, now I really wish I had the next book.

Became a follower, friended on Facebook and shared the graphic and new blog link with my Facebok friends so they can come join in on the fun.

Nicole Murphy said...

Hi everyone, fabulous to have this all started up, can't wait to share and learn with you all.

I'm not sure what got me started. I do remember finding the Queen in Lion, Witch and Wardrobe fascinating. But really, reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz in adolescence kickstarted it, and then years later found out they did that stuff AND romance together and, well - hooked!

Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Congrats on the grand opening!!

I think was first drawn to the dark side by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That is the first time I remember wanting to jump into a world of vampires and other dark things.

+1 for following via Twitter
+1 for following the blog
+1 for tweeting (@25hrbooks)

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Tara SG

Sara M said...

I was first drawn to the dark side because I wanted an escape. Growing up, I didn't have a lot of fun at school so reading about mythical and paranormal creatures was a great way to pretend for a couple hours that life wasn't so boring.

+1 Tweeted by @sara_UFblog
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Sara M
sara_UFblog [at] yahoo [dot] com

Giada M. said...

I love fairy tales. My mother used to read me many fairy tales when I was a child. And there were many dark ones! :)

Congratulations and thank you for this awesome giveaway!^O^

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/hatshepsut0011/status/15205854061
I shared on facebook:

I am a blog follower.
I follow on Facebook (Giada Mariani)
I follow on twitter ( @hatshepsut0011 )

Giada M.

fabgiada @ gmail.com

Helen Lowe said...

Congratulations on getting up and running so successfully guys (ok, gals!) The Supernatural Underground is an awesome site--so awesome that I just had to blog about you all kicking off here on my own (very new!) site (& especially you, Tracey--waves!) But I'm looking forward to getting to know so many fellow HarperCollins writers more as you start to post your individual blogs throughout the month--and beyond! Way to go gals-you definitely rock!

Allison said...

as funny as this sounds, what first brought me to the dark side wasn't dark at all: Harry Potter. That started my love for fantasy, which turned into an obsession over time for Sookie, Cat & Bones and all the other great supernatural characters :)

+1 blog follower
+1 twitter follower @inconceivably

thanks for the contest :)
allison.dayle at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

I don't think I ever had any hope of being on the 'light' side. I grew up with two older sisters who were constantly doing everything in their power to scare me. They'd tell/read me ghost stories and make up wild things that my imagination would run away with. As I got older I just kind of naturally gravitated to paranormal books. :)

2) Friend on Facebook (Kacie)
Follow on Twitter (KrixelAngel)
Follow Blog (Kacie)

mechelle said...

What first was the pull to the dark side had to be when I read "Stranger With My Face" by Lois Duncan. I picked that book up at the library and read the blurb on the back...to this day the same blurb found on the book still...STILL gives me chill bumps and draws me in! I have read that book more times than any other book I have ever read. I knew from the moment I finished that book I was hooked! Such became my descent into the dark abyss!

Love this contest and this page!!!! I have friended on facebook and followed on twitter....I have reposted the contest on both! Thanks for such a cool page!

Nathalie said...

At first I only read HEAs because I still had no idea that urban fantasy existed. Then, I stumbled onto Jeaniene Frost and Vicki Pettersson's books, and I couldn't help but fall in love with books that go bump in the night! The mystery, the suspense, the drama...It all drew me in.

(I tweeted, I friended on Facebook and Twitter!)

Sara said...

Wow, cool contest!
I'm a new follower


Jeaniene Frost said...

Wow, so many fun comments about finding your way to the dark side! (I was lured in by the promise of cookies, of course ;)Thanks everyone for coming out and helping us kick-start the new blog!

Anonymous said...

+1 Commenting
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+2 For Graphic on Facebook page with link to you facebook page


Unknown said...

*drool* You have just created crack for us paranormal/uf addicts out there.

This is retweeted from @cinnleigh, Facebook and Twitter are followed, graphic is on my sidebar.


Did I mention the crack? Right here. This is seriously going to kill my productivity at work.

Brandi said...

What a awesome website! Some of you ladies are my fav authors so I will be checking this website out alot.
Well I have always been a fan of what goes bump in the night,with Halloween being my fav day of course. But what got me started in reading (I hate to sound cliche) was the twilight series.Every since I have become a addict of reading paranormal bks!

Unknown said...

Oh right! I love the darkside because anything can happen. I don't remember the first UF book I read, but I just know that I loved the mix of reality with the impossible (at least according to many societal beliefs). Fantastic.

lingeorge said...

I love this blog -- keep up the good work
*1 Retweeted
+1 - Friend on Facebook
+1 - Follow on Twitter
+1 - Follow this blog

Katie said...

Congrats on the new blog! Can wait to see the rest of the month!!

Following blog (bigferret) and on twitter (thebigferret) +2


Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Finally!
I feel like I'm home. LOL!
I re-tweeted and follow SU on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ailishsmom
I friended SU on FB and posted the link and graphic:

Cylver said...

I love this site, and I'll definitely be back!
What originally drew me to the dark side was seeing my first episode of Dark Shadows. Then I saw The Horror of Dracula and found myself rooting for the vampire. (I still think Christopher Lee's hot!) Now, be it books, movies, TV, if it has fangs I'm there, but especially books!

Brenda Hyde said...

I went to put on your button and decided to redo my blog graphics. BAHAHAHA Anyways...the button is here: http://moonsanity.blogspot.com/ in the side nav. I'm following you on twitter, facebook and on the google friend thingy.

Poe first drew me to the darkside as a teen, then Stephen King...oddly I don't like scary movies, but Blade and Underworld I love...gotta have some coolness and badass leather with my movies.

Anonymous said...

Follow on twitter @k_emetib


Terri Garey said...

I just heard talk of cookies, and Dark Shadows. I am THERE!! :-)

Natalie said...

Oh gimmie gimmie gimmie. Please. Or I will come and bite you. In a nice way. And suck your blood. Just a little bit.

I've always wanted to be a vampire. They are so cool. Probably Stephen King's Salem's Lot (in my opinion the scariest book ever)got me hooked. Keep on writing them!

Suzi Love said...

Fantastic blog everyone,
Love it,
And I love to read the darker side as I read so much historical I get overwhelmed with super nice heroes and heroines and love the dramatic change to kick arse characters and wilder settign to launch me out of my comfort zone.
BTW- I've added you to my Face Book page and Twitter as Suzi Love and posted on my Blog about you,
Which is also Retweeted,
Whew! That was exhausting, but glad to help out,

Kristen said...

Wooooootttt! I didn't know you awesome authors were doing this.. I am obviously out of the loop. Love the site, it's so dark! :-D

I think I started falling to the dark side with Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. But I really fell when my boss from the public library I worked at got me into Paranormal Romance - I started off with Angela Knight, progressed to a ton of other authors and can never turn back! :)

Following on twitter @bookgoil
Following the blog now! :-D

dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

BreiaB said...

I think the action is what first drew me to these types of books. Not only action but girl action, which is just awesome sauce.

bbricke AT yahoo DOT com

BreiaB said...

I am your friend on Twitter(bbricke), Facebook(Breia Brickey) and I follow the blog.

I tweeted here- http://twitter.com/bbricke/status/15214080444

I added the button to my blog here- http://literaturelyspeaking.blogspot.com/

nymfaux said...

When a friend gave me Twilight, it reminded me of all the L.J. Smith books I used to read--it brought back all the magic I remembered feeling when I read those books in high school, and made me wonder why I ever stopped reading them--So I started rereading all my favorites and have never been happier :)

Zombiemom said...

I am so glad a friend of mine told me about you!!

I changed my status on Facebook and Twitter to reflect the site, added you on Facebook, followed on Twitter,

The graphic came automatically when I put the link on my facebook :)
And am now officially a follower of this blog!!!

Amy J said...

What drew me to the dark side was the mystery and suspense of the unknown and how it can be created into something you don't expect!

Great site and I am so happy to have joined the following!

+1 commenting

+1 Tweeted: http://twitter.com/StuffdBookshelf/status/15214319700

+1 I follow the blog!

+1 I follow on Twitter (@StuffdBookshelf)

+2 for adding the graphic at the top of my sidebar on my blog!


Awesome giveaway!!! I would be honored to win a package!

Amy J

jellybelly82158 said...

Great contest !!!!

I have always like things that go bump in the night.

+1 Follow on Twitter - user name jellybelly82158

+1 shared on Twitter -http://twitter.com/jellybelly82158

+1 shared on Facebook - user name

Friend on Facebook - user name jellybelly82158

Reading said...

Great site! I have loved all things dark and scary since I was little. I don't even recall when it started.

+1 commenting

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Spav said...

Great giveaway!

+1 Tweet: http://twitter.com/Sparima/status/15217653585
+1 Facebook Friend: as Arantza C
+1 Twitter follower: (@Sparima)
+1 Blog follower: Spav
+2 Graphic: http://fictionkingdom.blogspot.com/


Sandy Jay said...

My obsession started with book blogs. While looking for something new and exiting to read one day, I landed on a paranormal blog and discovered all sorts of new reading material. Most of the books I read now are paranormal...filled with vampires, shapeshifters, angels, etc. I love them all.

+1 comment
+1 follow on twitter--@ForWhlz
+1 follower this blog

throuthehaze said...

+1 count me in please!
+1 follow on twitter @throuthehaze
+1 Facebook fan-Rae Pavey
+1 follow this blog

= 4 entries

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Manda said...

I was drawn to the dark side as I love being able to escape into a world that is so unlike our own. A world with heroes and things that I couldn't even begin to imagine. I'd say it was my horror movie obsession when I was around 10 was what cemented my love for it.

Tweeted - http://twitter.com/mandasmovements/statuses/15218919912
Followed on Twitter @mandasmovements
Followed this blog
I also added you to my blogroll because this looks like it's gonna be an awesome one! Thanks for the opportunity to win these.

mula86 @ gmail.com

Casey said...

Yay!! I can't wait to learn about more good books from this blog!

I posted this on my facebook status, I follow you guys on facebook and I put the icon as my profile picture.

MDOBSON said...

Its great to see you guys here. I love it. I can't wait to see the post here. I did the following.

1) Earn one point for commenting in this post, either here or on our Facebook page.
2) Earn one extra point for Re-Tweeting/Facebooking (or any other status updating) of the contest.
3) Earn one extra point for Friending on Facebook, Following us on Twitter or Following this blog (the links to do all three are over in the sidebar).

So that gives me 5 points if I counted right.

Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

What first drew me to the UF genre - that's easy, I've always liked vampires and the idea that they were walking among us (and not as monsters) was intriguing. It was something I hadn't seen a lot of and I was looking for something different. Plus the cover for LKH's Guilty Pleasures really caught my eye.

+1 - Posted on Facebook and Twitter

+ = Already following on FB, Twitter and in my RSS feed.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

+ 1 - I follow this blog.(srjohannes)
+ 1 - Follow on Twitter (srjohannes)
+ 1 - Liked you on Facebook (srjohannes)
+1 RT contest on twitter
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did i do that right?

The Words I Couldn't Say said...

Yay! Thanks for the contest!

+ 1 for commenting here
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+1 for putting the icon on facebook

Martha Lawson said...

Dark Shadows (the original from the 60's) is what got me to liking all things paranormal! Loved that Barnabus.

I'm a new follower on gfc

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Maree Anderson said...

Fantastic blog, ladies! (Tracey, thanks for cluing me on to the launch. Muwah!)

I've commented -- obviously, LOL.

Tweeted and followed y'all on Twitter.

Stolen your graphic and posted it to my FBk page, along with a link.

Fanned you on FaceBook and left a comment.

Posted your link on my website and posted a Newsflash with your graphic and a link.

And RSS feed subscribed to your blog.

Guess that kinda makes me a desperate fan-girl, right? But with this lineup of authors, how could I resist? Damn you! LOL.

EllisRR said...

There's just something HOT about the supernatural and scary. . . .

+1 - comment here
+1 - follow on Twitter (EllisRR)
+1 - RT contest on twitter
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Libri Vermis said...

What a terrific place! I'm glad I was directed to you!

+1 Facebook like and left comment
+1 Twitter follow
+1 Follow Blog
+1 ReTweeted
+1 Shared with friends on Facebook &
Status update on Facebook with link.

Now I just need time to read all the supernatural books on my TBR pile!

s7anna said...

What a wicked awesome giveaway! I can't stand scary movies or shows but in the case of a book...I can totally dive in and enjoy.

*posted on facebook http://www.facebook.com/people/Anna-Shah-Hoque/767402866

*new GFC follower

Amy V. said...

This is wonderful and of course, I've shared it with friends on Facebook, friended your page as well, and stole the graphic to share with everyone on my profile/newsfeed ... I would even without an opportunity to win anything. Congrats on the Grand Opening of this, sure to be, fab blog, can't wait to meet the authors.

mariska said...

I have bookmarked your blog since beginning, and This is awesome !
love to be here :)

+1 left comment here and facebook page
+1 tweeted : http://twitter.com/becunique/status/15224804388

+1 Friending on Facebook (Mariska H)
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+1 A follower via GFC

+2 stealing this graphic, and putting it on my Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1834044116&v=wall&story_fbid=131211936891187

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Congrats! I have read books by at least 75% of the authors and the others--well off to check on their books right now!

I'm following you on GFC

as follow you on twitter-alterlisa

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

JenniferK said...

This is a great giveaway!

1 for commenting here
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1 for Twitter
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Thanks a lot!

Gillian said...

What drew me to Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance? So many things. Sarcasm is one (so many tongue-in-cheek writers work in the genre) and women who are a crucial part of play is another.

Gillian said...

PS I was so busy thinking about the fiction I forgot about the prizes. Following Jennifer's good example:

1 for commenting here
1 for Friending on Facebook
1 for following this blog

Good luck with the new blog - may it ensnare many readers...

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

I'm so excited for this blog! There are so many cool authors in one place.

+1 for commenting
+1 for Tweeting (http://twitter.com/meow_mix85/status/15227917265)
+1 for Friending on Facebook (done when 1st made), Following us on Twitter (done, @meow_mix85) or Following this blog (Done)

Gabriella said...

i did everything to earn points. i wrote on my twitter about the contest. i friended the blog on twitter and liked it on facebook.i copied and posted the graphic and posted the link on my blog

Kate said...

This site looks really awesome! I just love Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days series! My fave!!! I am not really sure how I got into the dark stuff... I have always really liked books that were a mystery and suspensful, but also had a love story to them. I also love when the main character is a woman! I love seeing women being portrayed as strong kick-ass people!

Nicole said...

wow what a grand opening!!

+1 for following on Facebook
+1 for mentioning on my own paranormal romance facebook page (paranormal romance & Urban fantasy Book Lovers)

Chelsea B. said...

Hmmmm I would have to say for me it was probably reading Twilight....or watching Beauty and the Beast LOL

Unknown said...

I think I was attracted to the not normal. Does that make sense? The something different from the every day humdrum of the real world. Also, the men are always hotter when they're paranormal!!!

1 point commenting
1 point RT on twitter about giveaway
1 point for following on twitter
1 point for following on blogspot
2 point for putting image and link on blog

Rock on ladies!!! I hope this is a smashing success for you all!

Libby said...

I commented earlier I would post my contest stuff! Hope that's ok!

My original post is #5. - I posted a story about my childhood -- but I also remember V. C. Andrews books in middle school -- or Anne Rice a few years later. That really hooked me! & once I read Interview w/the Vampire - I was a goner. and once I read Dracula? I had already "fallen down the rabbit hole". That book blew me away!

my links for the contest:

-I Commented on site - #5 on the list. (Cartoonish avatar)
-Followed on Twitter (@ailish79)
-Followed this Blog (through Google)
-Friended on Facebook ( I'm Libby L/user name is reyaluna there)
-Posted the site's graphic/pic on my page in the right-hand sidebar w/a link back here. Also posted this in my Blogroll. http://solvioleta.wordpress.com

Posted a blog entry on my site:

Twitter posts:



Facebook post:

ailish79 AT gmail DOT com

lavendersbluegreen said...

1. What is it that first drew ME toward the dark side?
Hmmm....fairy tales. You know like the big red book of, all the colors. The big hardbacks came with me from the Olympia public library to Chicago when I was 7 maybe? for summer vacation. I dragged them everywhere. Adults humored my reading in restaurants... haha they thought I was precocious, encouraged me and probably did not believe I would read their suggestions... Then finding more and more tales that were more adult and more recent....

1. commented on facebook
3. friended (okay, "liked") on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lavendersbluegreen
3. following blog:
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4. stole graphic & put on facebook above with link to blog

Aimskye said...

Loving the blog! (Thanks for the heads up on ARRA Tracey) I started with RL Stine and Christopher Pike around 11 y.o. Then moved on to Stephen King & Dean Koontz. Love scary movies too!

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Blodeuedd said...

Aww the dark side, yes what did bring me there? I do think it may have been the x-files long ago

blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

buddyt said...

I follow via Google Reader.

Great prize packs and soooo many entries already.

Please include me withthe multitude.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Terri Garey said...

WOWZA! To say that we're amazed and astounded by the number of entries in yesterday's "Welcome" contest is an understatement! We're going to up the number of winners and add in some more books, so please be patient while we tally up the points, fire up the random generator and choose the winners! We'll announce later today, so stay tuned!

Vicki Pettersson said...

I'm a little late to this thread, but I just wanted to say hello to everyone who stopped by - I see some familiar names as well as many newbies-to-me - and a big wave to my fellow authors. (A great group, huh?)

And someone above mentioned V.C.Andrews. Not a terribly popular answer these days, but boy, you'd be hard pressed to find someone my age who didn't insert themselves into the drama of FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. Wow, that twisted my 13 year old mind. Maybe that's why my series/character has serious "family issues." ;-)

Talk soon, All - and good luck!

ShellyEstes said...

Watching the original Dark Shadows as a pre-teen is what turned me on the genre, and then got re-hooked with the popularity of Twilight etc.

Llehn said...

+1 I'd love to play please!
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AngelGoneMad said...

What an awesome giveaway! :)

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orelukjp0 said...

I commented and I've facebooked. Congrats on the great start.

wanda f said...

I am in total agreement with Mel Tesco who said she started enjoying darker novels after reading too many heroines and even hero's who were sappy and boring. Come on!!! I love kick ass, smart ass, wild ass characters who take me on a ride on the wild side.Thats that same thing that happenned to me .

wanda f said...

I am in total agreement with Mel Tesco who said she started enjoying darker novels after reading too many heroines and even hero's who were sappy and boring. Come on!!! I love kick ass, smart ass, wild ass characters who take me on a ride on the wild side.Thats that same thing that happenned to me .

Cougar said...

Just learned about this site...wow!!! I was on The twilight merry-go-round ..couldn't get off..LOL!!! 8 re-reads..then I jumped off, took a leap and am enjoying the books and authors that I didnt know existed. I have reading buddies now a whole new wonderful world has opened up. I read to 2.30am, bleery eyed get the 3 kids ready for school, hubby off to work and fit housework in somewhere...lol!! but Í am enjoying 'Me'time. Looking forward to the Supernaturalunderground.


Cougar said...

Not sure how to do this but I added the graphic to my blog and the link to supernaturalunderground under my google blog. I havent blogged before so I hope I did it right.

Anonymous said...

I was first drawn to the dark by R.L. Stine's books as a child, but Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series really got me into the paranormal genre.

I'm a new follower
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