Friday, September 14, 2012

End of the summer hoorah

Usually, for me at least, vacations are more stressful that my day to day life. All the stress of packing, making sure the pets are tended to (okay, so they're cats and really do take care of most of their own needs), cleaning, packing, figuring out what to do . . . Then there's the actual vacation part. Oh, and not to mention the getting home part and having to clean and pack away all the vacation stuff and trying to get back into my routine. Typically, I need a vacation from the vacation.

This trip, is completely different. There's still all that stuff to do, but for some reason, I'm not feeling the stress. Bag is packed. Camping gear sorted and ready to be loaded up. Maps and lists of things we want to see/do are printed. Music is loaded on the iPod and books on the iPad.

Perhaps it's the location. I hate Florida summers so getting away to a cooler temp is refreshing! 

And it could be that I'll be able to see a setting that appears in our next book. (We sort of moved it out of the NC area for our story, but still really cool to see)

Even the lazy side of me is getting into the action and is all excited about the thought of hiking every day.

Or it could be that it's just going to be the two of us. I can't remember the last time my husband and I got away alone. Yeah, it's a little painful tug on the heart leaving the kiddo's behind, but we really need this so I'm trying not to focus on that. 

Whatever the reason for the sheer pleasure and excitement about this trip, I'm going to latch onto it with both hands and enjoy the quiet, togetherness, and catching up on all the books by some of my favorite authors and a few new ones, too.

And, if I'm still all excited when I get home and unpacked and have all the pictures uploaded, I'll call this the best summer getaway of my life :)

Just to share my excitement, and give you a little end of the summer reading, one lucky will have a chance to win one of the Dark Breed Novels of their choice. Just leave a comment and share how you handle vacations (or not handle them) and you'll be entered.

Have an awesome week!



Rosie said...

I'm a laid back traveler, just like to take it as it comes. Since I travel with my sister a lot and she loves planning things, I leave it up to her and just go with whatever she's planned. Our next trip is three weeks in Europe and she's found all the cool places to visit. I reap the reward of it and don't have to stress out about what to do and where to go. lol

Cindy said...

This year my vacation didn't go so well. We went back to Mich. to visit family. Jerry and I stayed with our daughter Kelli, who lives way, way out in the boonies!! She has a farm in back of her, and another to the side of her.

This year, Michigan decided to have above normal temps this summer. My daughter has no A/C. It was 100 degrees, windows all open...and the farmer in back of her starts to harvest his hay!!! I have severe to say the least..when we finally left for home, I was sneezing, and blowing my nose all the way. I've still yet to recover from this vacation!! Next year....we'll stay in a
Cindy Mapes

SandyG265 said...

I always find planning the vacation is stressful. But we tend to have fun on the actual vacation since we plan trips that are pretty flexible.

Unknown said...


See now that's the way to vacation! I'd love to go to Europe--especially if someone else is planning all the cool stuff for me!--but I'd have to take someone other than the husband. Not sure I can convince him to put aside his fear of flying.

Unknown said...


Bless you! That's usually how my vacations go. Believe me, I've been watching the weather channel ever day for a month and keeping my fingers crossed what's displayed isn't the weather man's way of saying, "Haha, got ya!"

Unknown said...


The stress of getting on vacation and getting home is usually what gets to me. And maybe you hit on something. This time we have a list of things we'd like to see/do but there's no set schedule to stick to or time frame to manage. I'm surprised how much stuff I've already checked off my to-do list.

bn100 said...

I like to plan vacations.


donnas said...

Its been a while since I did a full blown vacation. But I remember I used to really like to plan out what we would do and see.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Barbara E. said...

I love getting out of town on vacation. This summer I flew to California to visit my sister and all my old friends, and we got to go to the RWA literacy book signing. My sister and I had a blast and I wish I had been able to stay longer, but it was still good to get home and get back to my regular routine. At least I had a bunch of great new books to read, and they all fit in my suitcase. :D

Anonymous said...

Since I spend my vacations visiting relatives, there isn't a whole lot of planning. Someone will pick me up at the airport and someone will drop me off; I'll be staying with someone and do whatever is on their schedule. And if I end up with more stuff than my carrying can comfortably hold, I'd mail a box home (thank you, Priority Mail Flat Rate box!). I try not to stress so I can enjoy the time with my relatives.