Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Moon Rising

Hi Everyone!

The NEW MOON is in VIRGO  and here is the scoop!

This lunation is a symbol of love reborn, deep compassion and reverence for all life, beginning with your own. It’s a time to amp up self-love, acknowledge attractions, welcome compassion and connect to the environment. Intuition deepens, love awakens and yes, you get to be brave!  

Virgo stand(s) for instrumentation, implementation and technical competence. Dennis Elwell

Think new beginnings, initiation and awareness! You start creating habits that make life better. Now. Here are some hints and tips to get you started. Read your Sun sign and rising sign if you know it. If not, comment and I'll walk you through the steps to work it out.

AriesARIES: The New Moon in your house of health is the perfect time to start supportive new habits in the realm of diet, exercise and daily ritual. Think of your body as your best friend. What do you feed her? How do you keep her fit and active? When do you let her rest? Play? Explore? Connect?

TaurusTAURUS: The creative and playful sphere of the heart is awakened at this New Moon. Ask what rituals do you have in place around your artistic expression? Is it haphazard, random or so strict there's no room to breathe? Set into motion some healthy ways to connect to your inner child. Make them fun!

GeminiGEMINI: The New Moon lights up your home, family and emotional security sector. What are you doing to feather your nest, metaphorically and literally? Ask how ritual can improve this area of life. Regular family dinners? Time with rels that could use your expertise? Renewed Feng Shui in the home? Go big!

 CancerCANCER: This is the perfect time to create new habits around self-talk, verbal communication and written or spoken expression, teaching and leaning. Notice how you connection socially around familiar haunts then start putting more conscious awareness on your thoughts. Remember, they do become things!

LeoLEO: New Moon amps up your house of money, a representation of your inner core values and self-esteem. This is excellent for boosting feelings of self-worth and setting in place new habits of care, respect and generosity. Let go the critical and embrace the abundance of non-judgment. So freeing!

 VirgoVIRGO: This is your 'birthday' New Moon and ideal for starting any new project that has your 'heart's desire' in it. Most likely opportunities are rolling in. You get to pick your favorite and lavish it with positive energy. The trick is to not become totally obsessed. Start a habit of balance in everything you do.

LibraLIBRA: The New Moon in Virgo is your 'Dream Moon' as it activates your unconscious mind. Up comes all the buried treasures in the form of inspiration, epiphanies, synchronicities and head over heels love interests. Treat this like a preview of coming attractions. Nurture, respect, revel and enjoy!

 ScorpioSCORPIO: The New Moon in the house of friends is a wonderful opportunity to bring healthy habits of connection into being. Your powers of discernment are heightened, helping you know intuitively which birds of a feather you want to flock with. Remember, to have a friend, be a friend. Spend some time there!
SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Attention to detail and a feeling of new beginnings lights up your career sector. This is where you put new habits into place. If you've been overworking, pull back. If it's been hard to focus, you practice new awareness. As support and opportunities land, create the perfect balance of work and play.

CapricornCAPRICORN: This is your 'Exploration Moon' as a thirst for the unknown activates every cell in your body. What you thought was a closed door, a limitation or block, opens wide and you walk on through. The habit of open-mindedness can be developed now with very little effort. Easy breezy enlightenment time!

 AquariusAQUARIUS: The Virgo New Moon is a chalice of overflowing opportunity where you create new habits around shared resources. This means anything from finances, borrowed or loaned, creative projects and even intimate, erotic expression can take on new meaning in your life. Think Renaissance!

piscesPISCES: This is your 'Relationship Moon' where you can examine your personal one-to-ones and put into place more supportive, loving and caring habits. Old unconscious behaviors dissolve, replaced by mutual respect and reverence for life with another. Boundaries improve creating more room for unconditional love. It takes 21 days to start a new habit. Let's set fabulous intentions now! Have a wonderful New Moon everyone!

See you in the comments. Let us know what healthy new habits you putting into place.

Kim Falconer is a Supernatural Underground author writing epic science fantasy novels set in the worlds of Earth and Gaela and beyond.

Kim’s latest release is Tatsania's Gift, a Novella.

You can find out more about Kim at or on The 11th House Blog. She posts here at the SuperntrlUnderg on the 16th of every month. Her books are available worldwide with free shipping via Kim supports the IS_Foundation and awareness of environment with her work. 


Helen Lowe said...

Fun, Kim!

I love the Ace of Cups as well. :)

Kim Falconer said...

Glad you like!

The Aces are all so potent! Love them too!