Monday, September 3, 2012

Interview with Violet Jordan

As the last stop in the Nine Lives Blog tour, I thought my Supernatural Underground family might enjoy an interview with the main character of my Diaries of an Urban Panther series, Violet Jordan. The third volume of her story is now available!

Interview with Violet Jordan, were-panther and Prima of Dallas.

Thank you for finding time in your schedule to sit down with us today. I know that you are a very busy woman.

Does seem I have more responsibilities as of late.

We’ll start with something simple. What do you do for a living?

Huh, well, six months ago, I would have said that I was a screenwriter, but now I’m just sort of independently wealthy, which it turns out is a lot more work. I’d rather be writing about the demons than actually fighting them.

Do you think your previous work helps you in your current life?

Hell yes. Jessa and I are always going round and around trying to figure out what came first, Violet the monster writer or Violet the monster fighter. All I’ve figured out is that my brain doesn’t work like a normal humans, it works like a writers. And I think that the Mother is a pretty good story teller herself because she can always find a way to make my life worse.

Who is the Mother? You’re Mother?

No, she’s like the conscious spirit of the earth. In our wanderer mythology, she’s the benevolent one who gives us our powers. Mostly the power follows a blood line, but in my case, she chose me. So all I have seen is her cruel sense of humor.

Does your own mother know about your calling?

Yes and no. She was a psychic, so she saw what I could become. But she died in a car accident. However, I think I saw her a while back when I met the Mother. Its complicated. I try not to think about it too much, because I'm pretty sure I'm not meant to know everything. Who really wants to know the end of the story?

Are any other people living with you?

Not any more, thank god.

Actually, Chaz said the exact same thing just the other day.

Yeah. Turns out that having seven people and a sentient dog living with you is a bit of a strain on your relationship. So we put a moratorium on people staying with us. Started to get in the way of Chaz and Violet time.

Go back to the sentient dog?

Shadow. One of the boys. He was sort of poisoned to stay in his animal form, but he's still Shadow. He's still one of the boys. But like everything else. Its complicated.
Then lets get to a fun question, what's in your fridge right now?

To be honest, I have no idea. Chaz is the cook in the family. He's also the maid and the weapons expert. He's sort of awesome. I have no idea why he's with me.

What was it about Chaz? Outside of the male model allure.

He pushed back. We met the night I was attacked, which was not the brightest night of my life, so I thought that it was just going to be a Keanu and Sandra kind of thing, flash in the pan while the pan is hot, but when things settle down, he stayed. And when I wasn't thinking straight, he straightened me out. More than anything else, he reminds me to be myself, because you can't lie to yourself and expect to help other people.

So let's get to some tougher questions. What were you afraid of when you were a child?
Ha. Ironically enough. Dogs. This little terrier thing bit me when I was a kid and I was convinced that all dogs hated me. Their little waggy tails were some sort of code for "I'm going to chase you."
And when a pack of them started following me around after I was bitten, I was half convinced it was because I was a big cat. They were actually following orders from Spencer Haverty.
Spencer Haverty your maker?
Yes, the brilliant man who decided to go out for a midnight snack, not actually expecting to find the one person capable of actually taking to the Haverty Legacy. But we sort of took care of him, so no more minions, no more waiting. Its a whole new set of problems now.
And is Tucker Briggs helping you with those problems?
My second in command. I love that mutt. My mother told me stories about him. That I would meet an ancient knight who needed a cause. And sure enough. There he was. Been the best thing for me since Chaz. And Jessa.
Yes, Jessa Feychild, your best friend who moved to Dallas with you?
You mean the best friend who I was fated to save the world with. Yeah. She's amazing. She turned into this powerful butt-kicking fairy princess. It weird because you look at the two of us and just go 'Huh'? But i wouldn't have been able to survive Chaz without her and I couldn't have survived any of this without Chaz, so its this whole support system that actually saved the world.
What does a perfect day in the life of Violet Jordan look like?
Coffee. Really good coffee. A sunny window with a laptop. Some quiet? But it would definitely end with Chaz cooking for me and the boys.
That sounds pretty normal.
I am normal. I mean. I'm just a girl who wants the white picket fence. I want a family and friends, a nice house to call my own. I just happen to be in a situation that means I need to have magical wards in my entry way to keep out demons and a weapons locker under the stairs.
Doesn't really sound like quiet is in your future.
Well, this is how I see it, and trust me when I say that this Yoda didn't happen over night. If I have to fight to make sure that five people get to have that picket fence, I will. And if I have to give up my sun-filled window so that someone else can have a peaceful weekend when their family, I will. And if I have take a phone call in the middle of the night to make sure that someone gets home in time to get their kids to school, I will. Because now I know that if I need them, they will be there. Its what family does.
I'd like to thank you for taking some time out for my story.
 No problem. I love a good story, just make sure that you label it as fiction.
What? No. I'm presenting the world with a truthful view of shifters living among us.
No. You'll publish it as fiction. Get a nice little blog post out of it, and let it be, because humans aren't ready to know the truth. Humans can't. Because as much as I hate lying, humans knowing their are monsters out there would only make things worse for them. I want peace. I want everyone to live their lives and be happy. Its a simple request. And I'll eat you if you try to turn it into the papers.
Yes, Prima Jordan.
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I like the book cover. The panther's eyes stand out from the dark background.

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I enjoyed the interview and I agree, humans aren't ready to know the truth, I'd rather keep it all as a fantasy. I'll sleep better at night. :D

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the book looks really interesting and i LOVE the cover

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Very nice interview.