Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas presents for our paranormal friends

They probably don't celebrate Christmas but still, it is the season of giving and I don't think they should miss out.
Some of the present options are obvious eg raw meat for your favourite werewolf, your neck for your favourite vampire. But if you put a bit of thought into it, I think you can come up with some great ideas. Here's a few to start with.


* Leather studded dog collar, for the werewolf who's also into a bit of BDSM
* A cat onesie, for the werewolf with a sense of humour
* Framed photographs of wolves, for the werewolf who likes to be sly
* A swimming pool, because after all that running in the woods, they'll need somewhere to cool off
* A conservatory on their house, for the nights they can't get out but they need to smell the roses


* A course of allergic reaction reduction for that pesky problem with garlic
* Lessons on wood whittling - might as well do something with those stakes!
* A portrait of them, so they know what they look like
* For the vamp with a sense of irony, a painting of the sunrise
* Computer games - let's face it, they've got the time to finish them!


* A medical-strength suture kit
* A treadmill, for training
* A degustation menu - maybe if they tried some different foods, they'd get off the brains obsession
* A word of the day calendar - some learning might help with all the mindlessness stuff
* A set of keys that actually open nothing - for the zombie with a sense of humour


* A get out of jail free card - give them permission to do one thing really, really naughty and get away with it
* A fabulous apron, followed by dinner at a rib joint - no more worrying about getting dirty
* A massage, to help pull the wax from the joints through their feathers to keep them shiny
* Dante's Inferno, for the angel with a sense of humour
* Your very own sexy angel outfit, for the sexually ravenous angel

Would love to hear all your ideas! And if someone can find me a sexy zombie pic, that would be awesome!

I hope you all have an incredible holiday season and that 2013 ends happily and 2014 starts wonderfully!


Ash Wolf said...

Flea and tick shamboo for the werewolf
Sunscreen or whitening toothpaste for the vampire
A nail gun for the fall-apart zombie
For the angel in your life, a personal "thank you" note

Nicole Murphy said...

Great ideas, Ash - thanks for playing.

Have a great Christmas!