Monday, December 21, 2015

Gifts and giving

Hello everyone! After a really difficult year, I'm back at the Supernatural Underground and delighted to be here.

It's a great time of the year to get things going again. Even with all the stress of preparing for Christmas (I still haven't done my shopping - eek!), this feels like a time when anything is possible. Miracles can occur.

Such as the fact we once again have a good Star Wars movie on the screen.

I'm not going to spoiler it for anyone - although I do want to note it's been kinda interesting to see US friends talk about going to the opening night when I knew Aussies already on their third viewing. For once, the time difference has worked for us.

But for someone like me, who grew up with Star Wars (I was 7 when I saw the first movie), this new movie is a real gift. I sat in the theatre, almost giggling like a child, wriggling in my seat and shaking my hands in the air with excitement as each old favourite was introduced. I once again got to fall in love with Han Solo, and find a kick arse girl to worship (Rey is the awesome).

In short - JJ Abrams and the team gave me the gift of being a child again. Of being overwhelmed with happiness. Of being so excited I couldn't sit still.

With all the pressure that comes with adulthood (and while sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is damn hard work), it's great to have the moments where we can escape.

That's what The Force Awakens did for me. In the middle of a heatwave, with an ear infection building, it still pulled me from the world I knew into a wonderland where everything is fun.

Of course, we here at the Supernatural Underground know that books can provide that same wonderful escape. In particular, I've tried to do it with my Jorda series of SF romance (which was actually inspired by Star Wars and in particular Princess Leia).

So I want to give you all the gift of that wonderment. So anyone who tweets a link to this article (make sure you put me in it - @nicole_r_murphy) will be get a free copy of Loving the Prince, book one of the Jorda series.

I hope you all have a fabulous holiday time - and let's keep an eye out for those for whom this is a hard time and see what we can do for them.


About Loving the Prince

From Escape’s fresh, exhilarating science fiction romance catalogue comes a story of corporate espionage, betrayal, sex, and bodyguards. Just another day in the colonies.

Cassandra Wiltmore is the heir to the throne of Rica, but it’s unlikely she’ll be stepping up any time soon. So she spends her days managing and building the Rican Balcite Mining Company. The company has made her family wealthy beyond imagination, but that kind of power needs careful control, and Cassandra is just the Wiltmore to control it.

When a new bid for the mining license is announced, Cassandra is determined to squash it. Then the thefts and threats begin, and every step she takes seems to be wrong. Taking on a new protector seems like an indulgence Cass can’t afford, but she equally cannot afford to be caught off-guard. If only the best man for the job wasn’t also the best-looking man she’s ever seen.

Kernan Radaton has ambition, and as protector to Cassandra Wiltmore, he’s well placed to reach all his long-held goals. If only his new all-business boss didn’t make him think of only pleasure. With the company, the heir and the family under attack, the last thing anyone needs is a distraction. But once everything is safe again, Kernan is developing new ambitions — ones that involve a lot of very personal time spent getting to know his boss on a very personal level.

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Kim Falconer said...

Welcome back, Nicole. I'm so looking forward to a 2016 with your wit, ideas and insights.

And, here's to feeling child like and carefree every chance we get!

:) I love that reminder.