Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Writing Resolutions for the New Year

Or the new month, or the new day, I'm pretty flexible about resolutions as a whole, because we all tend to slip off the wagon from time to time. However, there is nothing like having an outline of sorts for the year ahead ... or the month, or the day ...

You get the idea. Anyway, here are some of my plans for writing in 2016:

A Business Plan. My business plan will consist of more than eating collards on New Year's Day and hoping that means I will make a lot of money in the coming year. I will actually sit down and make dollar signs followed by actual figures as to how much I can afford to spend on promotional activities. I will analyze my writing, the markets I want to reach, and my readership. I will have a clear idea of the types of books I intend to write along with realistic timetables as to how long it will take me to produce each work.

Read More Books. I will read more books both in my genre and outside my genre. I want to read fiction and non-fiction, because reading broadens my skillset by constantly exposing me to new ideas. While I definitely read for enjoyment, I also read in order to study other authors' works for story structure and techniques that might improve my own writing.

Pace Myself Better. This is actually part of my business plan, too, but I wanted to list it separately, because self care is important. I pushed myself a little too hard in 2015. Keep in mind that I work a full-time job in addition to writing. Realistically, it takes me about five months to complete a 30,000 word novella. What I didn't account for in 2015 was a month of edits on a previous novella along with a month of promo on the opposite side. In 2016, I will be accounting for those extra two months. I also know that I can produce about 30,000 words of good fiction in a five month period (in addition to blog posts and other stories), so that I can better assess how long it will take me to write a novel. Add in reading, those little ups and downs of life, and family, and seven months for a finished novella is actually more realistic.

Take More Risks. I want to write at least one new short story in this coming year, because short stories are hard for me. The other nice thing about short stories is that I can write in a different genre and expand my skills without the time investment required by a novel. I would also like to try my hand at poetry, because like short stories, poetry is difficult, yet at the same time, poetry helps sharpen my prose skills.

Blog Posts. Like short stories, blog posts are difficult for me. I dislike writing them; however, they also stretch my writing skills in various ways. In 2016, I want to practice writing informative, fun blog posts that are entertaining. This is a task that I will be working on at my own blog and here at the Supernatural Underground.

So what about you? If you have a moment in all the festivities, drop us a line with one of your writing resolutions for the coming year.

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Amanda Arista said...

Great Resolutions! I'm 'write' there with you
Happy New Year!