Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Road of Trials

Artist: Igor Morski 

Inspired by Helen Lowe and her Hero Series, today I'm writing about this wonderful journey we writers take when bringing a new book to life.

Joseph Campbell in his Hero of a Thousand Faces talks about how we are all on the hero's journey and knowing which stage we are in can be amazing support when things get challenging.

And holy moly, they do get challenging! 

Vi Vi Arcane 

I've discussed the stages of this mythic journey for writers, and though everyone has their own experiences, I think many will relate. (If you want to check out a full depiction of my first publishing journey, you can find it here - Writing and the Hero's Journey)

My most recent book has been a similar path, especially on the last Road of Trials. I wasn't sure I (or my book) would survive.

I'm talking about the Editing Process.

This is where the writer encounters a series of tests, tasks and ordeals in the form of editorial notes. If it's their first time, they walk in blind, like the Fool, because they thought once their manuscript was ‘completed’, all the hard work was done. 


It has only just begun.

Example of COS Copyedits 

Depending on the publisher, the process can include many rounds of editing by different people - structural, line, copy and proofreading. All this happens under the looming 'hard deadline'. (They don't call it DEADline for nothing - it's do or die!)

Example of COS Proofreader Notes

To top it off, my editors for Curse of Shadows were all in different timezones. That meant, in the final days before the deadline, I caught quick naps between midnight and 2am. That was it...

But the results, I believe, are spectacular and I'm happy to announce that Curse of Shadows made it to the printers on time! 

Which puts me up on Cloud 9. Seriously, my feet have yet to touch the ground (see Refusal to Return after the Ultimate Boon.)

Out December 6, 2022

But return I must because the process starts all over again with the next book in the series.

Just not today. Not yet.

For now, I will continue to sup with the gods.

If you've yet to read Crown of Bones, it's on special now -- Kindle $2.80

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And, if any of you are interested in an ARC - advanced reader copy - of Curse of Shadows, please email me with ARC for Curse of Shadows in the subject bar. Thanks!

And happy journeys.



Kim Falconer, currently writing as A K Wilder, has just released Crown of Bones, a YA Epic Fantasy with Curse of Shadows coming out December 6, 2022.

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AndieN said...

It sounds super intense and makes me even more grateful for the books!

Kim Falconer said...

AndieN, Yes! Books, like storytelling from the beginning of time, help us navigate the world!

Thanks for dropping in!