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Characters from Scratch?


A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup

Creating the characters for Crown of Bones was like the birth of Athene. They leapt straight out of my head, fully formed, screaming a war cry. 

Moments later, they took over the page, expanding their roles and behaved in ways I couldn't control. More than once, I found myself saying, "Really? You're doing that?"

Crazy, I know, but I have come to believe that characters, and the stories themselves, all exist before we can even imagine them...


Zena Holloway Underwater Photography
Salila was the first to be born, full of wit, snark and hunger. She’s my current answer to Margaret Atwood’s question, "Is it somehow ‘unfeminist’ to depict a woman behaving badly?"

Not in the slightest...


Ash came more gracefully, with more compassion and patience. And with her was born an inner voice, an entity she talks with mind to mind. That was a shock. It took me time to realize the depth of this side of her nature, how it got there, and how it could be set free.


The most challenging of my characters was Marcus. At first, I thought he was all the unanswered questions I had about my own brother, his life and his death...

But then Marcus and his phantom morphed into their own, distinct personalities and I forgot my preconceived ideas and listened to theirs.

Bone Throwers

Elven Forest Festival

Well, they were easy. I've trafficked in fate for most of my life. Bones, cards, planets and stars. It's all one...


The most delightful creatures to unearth were the phantoms, those projections of their savants' unconscious taking solid form. I adore their mystery, strength, and humour. If only we could all raise our phantoms as effortlessly as, say Piper or Samsen.

Of Kaylin and Ash
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Of course, when it came to Kaylin, he was pure wish fulfilment. That sailor is everything I ever dreamed of, and more. I wish I knew the road to Tutapa so I could find him in RL! 

Please tell me about your favourite characters. Have you ever asked an author how they came to life? I'd love to hear about it!

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Kim Falconer, currently writing as A K Wilder, has just released Crown of Bones, a YA Epic Fantasy.

She can be found on  AKWilder Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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