Friday, September 21, 2012

Moving across the genres

This month has marked the beginning of a new phase in my writing career. My first contemporary romance was published as part of a great anthology called URL Love from HarperCollins Australia.

The premise of the anthology is love in the digital age and in particular, how new technologies impact on how we meet our one true love.

Mine was based on the common experience of a miss-sent text. What if a flirty text from a stranger appeared on your phone. How would you respond?

While the Dream of Asarlai books, and the connected short stories and novella are romances, taking out the excitement of magic and the other world and trying to write a story that would connect with readers while within the normal world was an exciting challenge. While this is only a short story, I've been writing novels as well and having such a fun time.

Each book teaches something new about the writing process. When you go to a new genre to do it, the learning process is so much more difficult and rewarding.

Publishing in a new genre means a new name as well - my contemporary romance is published under the name Elizabeth Dunk. Elizabeth is the name of my patron saint (from my confirmation) and Dunk is the first syllable of my maiden name.

You can read my story, "Small Silky Thing" and lots of other great stories in URL Love.


Helen Lowe said...

Hey, this sounds like fun, Nicole: I shall check it out! :)

Nicole Murphy said...

Thanks Helen - was oodles of fun.

Sharon Stogner said...

cool! I will spread the word :)